Notations From the Grid: On #Turkey, #US Elections & Other Thoughts (With a Breaking News Update re: @realDonaldTrump)

Ted Cruz was endorsed by Scott Walker this morning.   It was not a total shocker especially in light of the acrimony between Scott Walker and Donald Trump.    This was as Ted Cruz's Campaign was on Twitter touting the endorsement as it also reminded the World that the Democratic Party is not the Party of Kennedy anymore.

As we have been assessing our World, we received reports that the US Department of Defense has ordered the families of US Soldiers to leave Southern Turkey due to on-going security concerns.  This is as The Turkish President is on his way to Washington.   It is also quite disturbing as Turkey demanded deletion of a clip mocking Edrogan and as Edgroan threatened the British Counsel General for posing for a selfie with one of the Journalists on Trial.

Please enjoy this we released earlier to our Twitter Channel as we look forward to be of continued support of the wonderful initiative by Johnson & Johnson's Donate a Photo Program:

Update:  We just picked up a newsflash from the Huffington Post that Donald Trump's Campaign Manager has been charged with Battery in regards to the incident with the now former Briebart Reporter.   
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