Notations On Our World (weekend edition): On the United States As America honors Justice Scalia (Updated w/His Funeral Mass)

On this #Outsider weekend, our team is keeping an eye on South Carolina and Nevada as the Democrats and Republicans cast ballots in the ongoing primary contests.   This is as Justice Scalia is being laid to rest today.    We received this from the Office of the House Speaker:

Paul Ryan - Speaker of the House
A great patriot and public servant will be laid to rest today. In honor of Antonin Scalia, flags above the U.S. Capitol will continue to fly at half-staff until sunset. 
Justice Scalia did more than anyone in our time to honor and preserve the work of our Founders. His passing is a terrible loss for all of us, but his work—always grounded in plain language and constitutional principles—will guide generations to come. 
As we move forward together as a nation, we must consider our responsibilities under the Constitution.
The Supreme Court is not an extension of the White House. Not only does Congress have the authority to stop a nominee, it has a constitutional obligation to defend itself against a president and a radically altered court that would continue to seize its Article One powers.
We will fulfill this obligation to the people we serve.
Speaker Ryan


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