Notations On Our World (Week-End Edition): On the Fascinating US Political Scene

It was quite a week on the Political Front as the battle lines were drawn on the final year of President Obama's Presidency.     The two snapshots from the Office of the Speaker and the White House were quite telling!!

It was also of note how the Presidential Campaign went into overdrive as Bernie Sanders continued quite a momentum (and as we went to press, a poll came out that had him even with Hillary Clinton in Nevada).   Our team had noted that we would not be depending on polls.   What we do know that it is going to be fascinating on the Democratic Side as underscored by the debate between the contenders.   Our view is that South Carolina will further narrow the field before moving on to Nevada and Super Tuesday.   Our team had seen the appeals from the entire spectre of the Campaigns and we had periodically featured them here to underscore the targeted, sophisticated and interesting way in which they were targeting potential donors with titles like "Where are You"?  "Are You with me"?  and other thoughts.    

Fascinating to be Witness to it all.......

Paul Ryan - Speaker of the House

This Is the Number That Matters

February 10, 2016  |  Caleb Smith  |  http://spkrryan.us/1Q41jV3
You may have heard the news. President Obama submitted his budget to Congress this week, and tucked deep within the 170-page progressive manual, there's a number that has everyone talking (and not in the way you'd want). 


That's how many cents the price a gallon of gas would increase by, on average, if the White House had its way.   

[Click here to watch the animated GIF]

25 Cents Per Gallon - Click to Watch the GIF
Over time, all that change adds up, costing the average American household hundreds of dollars every year.
The good news is that President Obama's plan to raise your price at the pump is dead on arrival in Congress. So while he schemes of more ways to make hardworking Americans pay for his radical climate agenda, there's only one number that really matters:


That's how much of a chance his new oil tax has in this Congress.


See what's in the President's final budget
President Obama released his final budget proposal today, laying out a path to both build on the progress we've made over the past seven years and to tackle the challenges of the future.
This year, you can read the President's message on the budget in a new way -- with graphics, videos, and stories from Americans who wrote to the President about the policies laid out in the budget.

Explore President Obama's final budget.
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