Notations On Our World (Sunday Special Edition): Quite a day On Our World re #Brexit; #Syria & @realDonaldTrump

London Mayor Boris Johnson delivers a statement to the media regarding his position on the forthcoming EU referendum.
London Mayor & MP Boris Johnson 
Britain will vote in June on whether it wishes to stay in the European Union after the European Union and David Cameron agreed on a deal.   As we went to press, a prominent Conservative Politician has come out against Britain staying in the European Union:  Boris Johnson, The Mayor of London and probable successor to David Cameron.   We will be assessing the campaign in our #Europe watch over the ensuing days.

We have also been assessing Syria on a daily basis as we reviewed reports of another horrific attack on a Shiite shrine in Damascus.    The public stance by Iran has been that it deployed troops to protect the shrine.    We will not be surprised if there are Iranians who are among the dead as we periodically see reports of funerals on-going daily in Iran.    Russia's Defense Minister has also been on a visit to Tehran to discuss the war in Syria.   So far, it seems Russia is on the ascendency.   Haaretz featured a front page image as Syrian Government troops took over the Aleppo Power Plant on the outskirts of the City.    Refugees are on the move as the relentless bombing campaign by Russia continues.  Our team is seeing a live report by SkyNews with the aftermath of one bombing with this exclusive from Alex Rossi:

A young suvivor is pulled from the rubble in Aleppo

More than 11 Million Syrians are now refugees.

We have also been assessing the continued aftermath of the Presidential Campaign in the United States. The sampling our team reviewed this morning as outlined below is telling as the field has narrowed with this from Erik Erickson's The Resurgent:

It Becomes Rubio’s Race To Lose

After New Hampshire I wrote, “Each day that ticks by in South Carolina without Marco Rubio gaining ground is a day that Trump
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Rubio Showed He Can Beat The Snot Out Of Trump

Although naysayers are painting Marco Rubio’s performance in South Carolina as doom for conservatives (this is the wet dream of liberals like Nick
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This was also noted on the Conservative Firebrand RedState as well:

Donald Trump Has Less than 5% of the Delegates He Needs to Win the Nomination
The media does not understand conservatives in the least, and they never have.
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Dear Bush, Kasich and Carson: For The Sake Of The Country, Get Out Of The Race
The three .. err, two of you are sucking up 24% of the vote in South Carolina and about that much for the rest of the race
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Donald Trump is saying that he is not taking the nomination for granted.    But not withstanding Erik Erickson's admonition, It is Trump's to lose as of now based on the momentum so far.

What was so startling to us as we asssessed the state of the Campaign was this realistic and hard hitting analysis from the Harretz' Chemi Shalev.    Harrettz is known as a "Liberal" paper in Israel--however the reality check laid out by Chemi Shalvel should give anyone a moment of pause.   We appreciate our founder giving us a heads-up on this as we went to press with this special edition of "Notations".  It is available by clicking on this link for all to review.   


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