Notations On Our World: On the US Primary Season (The Day After #Iowa)

As we noted last night in our newsflash, Ted Cruz won Iowa over Donald Trump.    It was not too unexpected with the ground game and the mix of voters that Ted Cruz appealed to.  The switch now turns to New Hampshire.

What was also of note is the third place finish by Marco Rubio and he noted in this in his campaign message that was sent out earlier:

Marco Rubio

Mike , last night was amazing.

All of our hard work leading up to the Iowa caucuses paid off. I'm thrilled with our success there, and you should be too.

  make no mistake: The results in Iowa were just the beginning.

"Marcomentum" swept Iowa, and next it's going to take over New Hampshire.

In fact, I'm already on the ground in New Hampshire to keep up the energy before next Tuesday's primary.

Let me explain.

Mike , my opponents are going to try to ignore my showing in Iowa. They will increase their relentless attacks in the hopes that we will not put up a fight and fade into the distance. And that could not be further from the truth.

Let's show them just how real it was. Tens of thousands of Iowans stood up and voted for a better future and a New American Century, and this is just the start!

Mike , the only place I am going is the White House next January. I will not stop fighting  
This is going to be a long race. Iowa isn't the end; it's the beginning. And I need your help to ensure we have the funds needed to reach every voter in EVERY state.

I hope I have your support for the next ten months -- and the next four years!

Marco Rubio
Marco Rubio
Republican Candidate for President

P.S. Our showing tonight was strong, but we need to be stronger. We need to ramp up our success and that begins with your support right now.

It was also of note as we went to press that Hillary Clinton was just declared the winner of the Iowa Caucus and her campaign (and the campaign manager placed calls to suppoters) sent this out:
Mike --

Our team had a historic win in Iowa last night, and I am so proud of every last one of you for being part of it. Now that the first contest of this campaign is over, here's what I know:

We've got a real fight on our hands, and we're all going to need to pitch in to win this nomination. We face an uphill battle in New Hampshire -- Senator Sanders has home field advantage, and he's already outspent us by more than $2 million on television there.

But I know this, too, Mike: We have the strongest team in this campaign, and we have what it takes to win this nomination and win the White House.

Thank you,


Our team is having fun as our on-going assessment continues....

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