Notations On Our World: ON @POTUS & Other Thoughts

As we are going to press,  President Obama is holding a news conference on the aftermath of the US-Asean summit he hosted in our home state of California at Rancho Mirage.   

The President was  reflecting upon the state of the Republican Primary and how he laments how the GOP candidates is denying climate change.  He is also underscoring how the World is sceptical about the rhetoric.     He's noting that Donald Trump will not President because it is not a reality show--he is implicitly noting the fact that you have to know your facts.   He reflected upon his view and belief of the faith of the American People. 

Beyond the Shores of the United States, we received reports of the former President of France, Nicholas Sarkozy, has been placed under investigation for campaign finance violations.   We will continue to assess this as Mr. Sarkozy plots a comeback strategy in France.

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