Notations On Our World: On #Iran....

Tehran @ Night

Iran just celebrated its' 37th year of Revolution.      This is as almost 99% of the so-called reformist candidates for the Assembly of Experts were disqualified by the Guardian Council.    This includes the Grandson of the founder of the Islamic Republic, Hassan Khomeini.   The role of the Assembly of Experts (with responsibility for Nominal Supervision of the Supreme Leader (Supreme Guide) of the Revolution) is becoming ever so paramount as rumors of Khamenei's ill health continues to persist.

The official instagram account of Jamaran (which is Mr. Khomeini's Official Channel and supported wit) lambasted the disqualification as it came out squarely on the side of the President, Mr. Rouhani and Mr. Rafsanjani.   Mr. Rafsanjani has said he would be announcing his slate of preferred candidates within the next 24 hours.   It is part of the challenge within the ruling establishment of Iran as profound challenges mount that our team has been assessing as elections loom.     Jamaran also reported about the warm greetings Rafsanjani received while "among the crowds".       This is as there continues to be a concerted effort to stifle Social Media Engagement throughout the Country.

The revolution began with a promise--and despite all the public stance taken, it appears that the promise is yet to be realized.  We could not help but wonder about this thought from Walt Disney as Iran decides:

This is as we remember the leaders of the Green Movement who are still in detention and all the prisoners of conscious who continue to be harassed and detained.    

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