Notations On Our World: As the Elections Get Going in #Iran

The Elections have begun in Iran for Parliament and the Assembly of Experts.     The so-called reformist faction in the Country has announced its' list.  Our team found it of interest as former President Khatami's Image was reflected here.    This list (in Farsi), reflects the endorsed list by the reformists for the Capital, Tehran along with the endorsed list for the Assembly of Experts (in Farsi referred to as "Khobergan Rahbari) that is responsible for choosing the next Supreme Leader (Supreme Guide For the Revolution).

Thomas Erdrink's New York Times' Column This morning laid out the profound challenge faced by the so-called reformist faction in lowering expectations.    Their main objective is to thwart the so-called principalists (hard liners) from gaining the upper hand.      All the reformists who are left standing are calling for a massive participation--Dr. Aref, the Former Vice President and leader of the reformist faction vying to be elected to Parliament underscored his love for the revolution during the weekend rally in Tehran:

It will fascinating to see whether the reformists can pull it off not withstanding all that has been done to block their efforts as Khameini came out forcefully last week noting that folks who were criticizing the Guardian Council must stop.     
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