Notations From the Grid (Special Edition): سونیتا علیزاده هم وطن , On One Brave 18-Yr Old Making a Difference:

As our team continued its' daily assessment today, we wanted to share this from our archives especially as we have been assessing the dire situation in Afghanistan with the latest reports out of Helmand Province.    Earlier, the  Guardian reported on additional deployments in Afghanistan--although apparently the "cap" on the number of troops will not change.

Afghanistan is a country who has been at war for thirty years--we could not help but marvel at the bravery of this 18-year old who made a difference which we wanted to share with all.

Afghanistan is among the myriad of challenges that the next President will be faced with as the Presidential Campaign Season gets under way.   

As we went to press, we also got reports from France that the French National Assembly has voted ot enshrine the State of Emergency provisions within the French Constitution.

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