Notations From the Grid: On the US Election Scene & #Space

It has been a whirlwind over the past 24 hours on the US Election Scene.     Earlier in our Education Channel, we released a snapshot of the views of the Major Candidates courtesy of the team +Global Citizen which is also available by clicking here.   What was also interesting was this breaking news as  Marco Rubio just garnered an endorsement of Tim Scott as the crucial South Carolina primary looms.   This is as Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton were on the prowl again with their fundraising/outreach efforts as New Hampshire looms--as Ted Cruz continued to tout his Insurgent status. 

What was also of note is that Rand Paul got out of the race today--because of his looming re-election bid in Kentucky as he noted in his statement.    Rick Santorum is also out as well--and it leaves 9 vying for the nomination.   

In the meantime, challenges abound such as the on-going tragedy in Flint, Michigan.  As the battle rages on, this we released on our Twitter Feed was of particular concern: 

The Flint Crisis continues to be a developing story that goes to the heart of the role of Government itself.    But, as we went to press, we wanted to end on an exciting note from Space as noted by the team +Business Insider  we received earlier this morning: 

Astronaut Tim Peake has made history by using a heavily modified Raspberry Pi computer to run applications coded in the classroom by students. Raspberry Pi founder Eben Upton said: "Days don't get much bigger than a British astronaut unpacking your stuff on the ISS."

We could not agree with him more--and we hope to have further thoughts on it in our "Visions Channel soon as we close this edition of Notations with this courtesy of +Jonathan Huie whose compilations we now share as one of the regular features in our Education Channel:

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