Notations From the Grid: On the Eve of New Hampshire

We just received these from the Marco Rubio  & Hillary Clinton Campaigns:

Tomorrow is the New Hampshire primary.
It’s hard to believe that this day we have been working towards for months is finally here.
mike p, before I go to sleep for a few hours, I wanted to send you a note to just say thank you.
Thank you for being a committed supporter and a loyal friend. Thank you for standing by our campaign even when the going got tough. Thank you for your commitment to restoring our nation.
This election has not always been easy, and I know the road ahead won’t be either. But I know that the things worth fighting for aren’t always easy, and that’s why I’m dedicated to this campaign and our conservative message.
No matter what is thrown our way or what the media says about our campaign, I will never waver from our values and beliefs.

And I will always remember -- focused as I am right now on winning -- that my most important job will always be as a husband and father, and that the goal of all our lives is eternity, not some political fight. Even in the most intense moments, you can always count on me to remember that.
I hope I can continue to count on your support -- tomorrow is a big day.


Paid for by Marco Rubio for President

We're facing long odds in New Hampshire tomorrow -- we're down in the polls, our opponent has been outspending us for weeks, and his campaign has been outraising ours in big ways.

But I know nothing can scare my mom away from a tough fight -- it's one of the reasons I'm so proud to be on this team. It would mean a lot to my mom to have you by her side as we head into tomorrow's election.

Chip in $1 before tomorrow's primary, and show her that you're with her:

Thank you,


This is as today's Wall Street Journal noted that Marco got "polo'd" during the debate by the Governors on the Stage.  We will be "on the Virtual air" Wednesday as we assess the results and the assessment by the "punditry".  The True that counts is tomorrow that will make or break a number of remaining GOP candidates and assess the true viability of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

It is fascinating to be witness to it all.....
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