The Friday Musical Interlude: On the Artist of the Week & @Pandora "Throwback Thursday"

On the last Friday and the last week-end of January 2016, our team decided on something different for the Friday Musical Interlude--a bit of a "Virtual Treat" which we first started thanks to our Founder!!! 

Our team is a fan of Pandora and we received this which we hope all  enjoy here.    As it is our tradtion, we have also selected an artist of the week-Basia which we hope all enjoy selections of her work in our Visions, Education & Community Channel. 

Throwback Thursday
Let us jog your memory
with timeless music from the 80s.
80's Pop
80s Rock
80's Rock
80s Country
80's Country
80s Alternative
80's Alternative
Not a fan of the 80s?
Our stations span the decades.
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