Notations On Our World: On the "Virtual Beat" w/the US Election Campaign

It has been quite a week as January has begun on the campaign trail. Bill Clinton hit the campaign trail and was in his element as he noted, "...I am not mad at anybody..and I'm a happy Grandfather".    This is as the other campaigns were busy raising money by selling calendars (like the Marco Rubio Campaign) and attendance at the upcoming GOP debate in South Carolina.   Hillary Clinton's campaign raised 112 Million Dollars during the year as it gears up for the primary campaigns coming up.   

Donald Trump has also been on the attack prowl yet again especially as news was breaking on President Obama's moves on Gun (which our team released a notation on it yesterday).    His latest attack has been on Ted Cruz.    There was some controversy over Ted Cruz' status as a United States Citizen which was addressed--and Ted Cruz has been on the prowl attacking back as our team was on the "grid' yesterday.  What was telling was a pronouncement by Nate Silver noting that Donald Trump's chances to secure the GOP nomination was Next to nil as we noted in our Daily "Social Grid" Roundup:

This was also a sampling of the latest Jeb Bush outreach that underscores the state of the Campaign right now: 

Jeb 2016!

The 2016 election year is officially upon us, and Iowans vote in just 30 days. The fight to take back the White House starts right now with you.

Because you were such an important member of our team in 2015, I need you again.
Our team calculated it, and we need 10,000 2016 Founding Members in order to fund our efforts over the next thirty days before Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

When you become a 2016 Founding Member, your money will go directly to advertising, field operations, campaign materials and orchestrating the most ambitious Get-Out-The-Vote operation of all the campaigns.

More than that though, this is about knowing you have my back in the crucial days that lay ahead.

Mike, if I can count on you, please contribute just $1 and become a 2016 Founding Member now:

Because of you, we’ll start 2016 prepared to win.



This is as the challenges beyond the shores of the United States are ever so with the blast in North Korea (roundly condemned around the World including China in a firm way) and the continued schism that has been going on in the aftermath of the Executions in Saudi Arabia.   

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