Notations On Our World: On #Americas Watch w/the US Presidential Campaign

The Fox News Debate is on for Tonight and Donald Trump is not going to be there--at least that the latest as we went to Press here. The "Fight" with Fox News has been telling--and we here at #Outsiders commend Fox News commend them for standing up for journalistic Principles.    The "punditry" has said that the moves by Fox News will only boost the profile of Mr. Trump.     

There are   indications based on the polling reviewed by our team  that Mr. Trump may win Iowa as he continues his dominance in New Hampshire.    The so-called Establishment candidates have been on the prowl enticing their mailing lists with money as  Erik Erickson, the noted Conservative Analyst, is for Cruz despite all the indications to the contrary--but the polling seems to have not moved.  We had noted that we will not be reliant on them--however we will be assessing the aftermath to truly gauge the effectiveness of it.     This is a sampling from Marco Rubio's Campaign (Our Team has edited out the "donation links): 
mike p,

Every debate this cycle has been important, but we all know this is the biggest one yet.
Iowans start picking our next president in just over four days, can you believe that?
Here in Des Moines, you can feel the pressure. But believe me, Marco’s ready. He’s worked incredibly hard (and so have his supporters -- in Iowa and elsewhere) to get to this moment.
As with other debates, Marco’s going to use tonight to get his message out there -- his conservative policies to build a New American Century, his plans to undo the damage President Obama’s done to our country, and how he’ll unify the Republican party.
That’ll set him apart from some other candidates: Some are going to come in aiming just to tear each other down. Some of them don’t have conservative records to tout. Some of them are all about dividing America, and the Republican party, into hostile factions.
Marco did not come to Des Moines to attack other Republicans -- but he’ll be ready to respond if they attack him. He will not hesitate to point out the differences between himself and other candidates, but his message is fundamentally a positive one.
The Republican party must unite behind a candidate who will beat Hillary and build a New American Century. We’re not going to do that with a message that divides America -- we’re going to do it with Marco’s optimism.
We want to show Marco all the support we can get before he takes the stage tonight -
And tune in to Fox News at 9 PM Eastern tonight -- you won’t want to miss it.
Thanks for reading, and enjoy tonight!
Alex Conant
Communications Director
Marco Rubio for President

As we were on the "prowl" and finished off our Daily Social Curation over Twitter, we saw this on The Economist Website that is foretelling what is to come in the Campaign:

Please note the agony in Uncle Sam's Face that epitomizes many which led to what the National Review did last week as it came out against Mr. Trump and epitomized by the latest series of Articles released recently on its website.    We hope all enjoy the "show" tonight as well.

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