Notations From The Grid (W-End Edition): On a Very Interesting Week on the US Campaign Trail

All the candidates are on the prowl as Iowa begins.   We thought a sampling of the discourse by the campaigns was crucial as we await the results and as Mr. Trump skipped the Final Fox News Poll and Hillary Clinton again was subject to an Email Controversy as the New York Times came out for her: 

From the Marco Rubio Campaign 

We don’t have much time so I’ll get right to the point: A group of generous supporters have agreed to match all grassroots donations dollar-for-dollar before the voting in Iowa starts.

Time Remaining for Matching Funds

mike p, we cannot let this opportunity expire without you taking part! This is a unique opportunity to raise DOUBLE the amount for Marco, and we cannot let a chance like this go to waste.
For just a few more days, your donation to Marco will be DOUBLED.


Your donation will ensure Marco has the funds needed to run a strong and WINNING campaign in Iowa and all the states that follow. All eyes are going to be on the fundraising numbers we go into Iowa with, and therefore your donation has never been more critical.
I’m going to have the data team give me an update tomorrow about the progress towards our goal and I’m planning to personally review the names of every supporter who helps us out and takes advantage of matching funds. So I hope I’ll see your name on there, mike p.
I know we can count on you!
Thanks for your help.
Terry Sullivan
Campaign Manager
Marco Rubio for President
P.S. REMEMBER -- our goal is participation (total number of donations) and any amount unlocks matching funds. So even if you can only spare $1, it will count (and get doubled). Click here to give just $1.

From the Hillary Clinton Campaign 

Before folks head to the polls.
Say you're with Hillary.

From the Bernie Sanders Campaign:

Bernie Sanders for President

Mike -
When we first launched our campaign, the polls in Iowa showed us down 41 points against Hillary Clinton. The political media laughed at us. They said our "radical ideas" would never attract much support against an "inevitable candidate."

But together we’ve built a campaign on the verge of accomplishing what everyone but us thought was impossible: winning the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.

The nominating contests begin two days from today with the Iowa caucus where we are down just two points, but have the largest grassroots organization of any campaign.

And I know that if everyone like you who has already contributed to our campaign matched their previous donation today, there would be nothing the millionaires and billionaires funding the Clinton campaign and coordinated super PACs could do to stop us in Iowa:


This moment requires us to think differently about our challenges. The same old establishment ideas won’t do. But charting a new course will require the active participation of millions of Americans in every community in our country. And I know that if we stand together today, we will win.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders
The View From the National Review On Donald Trump:

January 30, 2016

Dear Trump Voters, Your Darling Is a Two-Timing Cad

Senator Tweets Questions to Trump We All Deserve an Answer To

Lena Dunham: I Want to Tell the Media Which Words It Can’t Say about Hillary

Sarah Palin’s Disgusting Excuse for Her Son’s Violence against His Girlfriend

Jerry Fallwell Jr.'s Endorsement Mistake

Yes, It's Fair to Question Donald Trump About His Many Affairs


As the World awaits Iowa, it is bound to be interesting to say the least. 

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