The World in 2015: As Only The Economist's KAL would say it!!!

As we released our "Network Greetings" winding down the year, we have also been assessing our year.   We had to be "on the air" as we have assessed our World and could not help but share this as we look back to 2015 and gear up for 2016.

The Wars continue to rage on throughout our World in Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. etc.   We're also witness to challenges in our Climate and the on-going debate for the US Presidency which will gather full steam ever more.  As we went to press, we just reviewed reports from +Haaretz הארץ on a new wave of stabbings which underscores the sense of desperation out there in the territories.    It was ironic how the Head of Israeli Military Intelligence noted that desperation and frustration fuels such resentment--yet it is not heeded by the current Israeli Political Leadership. 

The reality of our World was captured by the Economist throughout the year.   We here @ #Outsiders are devotees of KAL at the +The Economist .     We have been privileged enough to feature his commentary throughout the year and all of these underscore the profound challenges we faced in our World--a World that continues to burn even as we celebrate the holidays in the United States.   The Economist released this earlier on the most popular--We think all 50+ are just as important to contribute to the discourse about a World that continues to be challenging ever more.

Onward to 2016--Happy Holidays to all!!!!

March 28th

April 4th


January 10th

April 18th

May 23rd

August 1st

July 18th

November 28th

August 8th

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