Notations On Our World (W-End Edition): On The Middle East

The Saban Forum was on in Washington that featured a number of leading lights in the diplomatic and political space.    This was also a week that saw the IAEA come out underscoring that Iran prior to 2009 was on a weaponization track that in turn prompted the Israeli Prime Minister to come out to call for a vigorous inspection regime to be enforced.

As we have been assessing the Middle East this week, what we found quite striking was a column by Ahmad Melhm that was published in Al Monitor where he noted that, "...Tony Blair's Chance to play a political role in the Palestinian issue is slipping away....'.     His role was Non-Existent to begin with in our view and we understand that he has resigned anway.        Blair has also profited handsomely as a result of his forays into the Middle East.

Beyond Blair, the speech by the US Secretary of State was quite noteworthy.   John Kerry  noted the predicament at the Saban Forum where he noted that the reality of the One State Solution is ever more evident now--and to consider the perils.       Although as we went to press, the Israeli Prime Minister noted that the solution is not one state, but a demilitraized Palestinian State--being what we view as implicity dismissive of the Secretary of State's criticism.         What was critical was this that was published in a Full Page New York Times Ad which underscored what John Kerry noted: 

It was of note that Mr. Lepid, the Former FInance Minister and one of the key opposition leaders noted at the Same forum that the Palestinian Problem has to be solved.     IF the Palestinian Authority collapses and people turn to even more radical means, the Israeli Political Establishment seems not to have an answer--as the daily attacks continue.    

Beyond Israel, though, there is Lebanon.   Lebanon may finally have a new President--who happens to be friends with Bashar Assad which may signal a return of the former Prime Minister Said Harriri who is now in self-imposed exile in France.        

As we also went to press, we wanted to note and share this latest development  that finally there were some arrests in Israel in regards to the Palestinian Family arson murder case.    We will continue to monitor this case here in #Outsiders.   This was also of note courtesy of the "Forward" which we wanted to report on:


J.J. Goldberg   
Escalating disputes between Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel’s security chiefs point to a collapsing national consensus. J.J. Goldberg calls it an existential battle for the future of the Jewish state.

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