Notations On Our World: An #Outsdier Newsflash On #LASchools & #France (With an Update On Status)

It has been a challenging day here in  Southern California as our team began its' daily commitments.    The Los Angeles Unified School District received a terror threat which prompted the Superindentant,Ramon Cortines, to shut down the entire District which impacted some 640,000 Kids who were in the midst of going to school.     Although updates were not made on the LA Unified School District Website, it is very much a developing story as over 900 facilities throughout the sparawling District have been ordered to be searched before all are allowed back.   It has made worldwide headlines. 

Update:  As of 16:00 PST, all clear has been given and all LA School children will be back at school tomorrow.

Beyond the shores of the United States, there is the on-going investigations in France.    Additional arrests have been made as reported earlier by France24.   This is as France just saw off a challenge from the National Front during Regional Elections. 

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