Notations On Our World: On The US Political Scene w/the #GOPDebate & Other Thoughts

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The United States was witness to the Final Debate for the Year for GOP Presidential Candidates in Las Vegas.    Everyone had a chance to have their say on their views.     The pundits have been at it in terms of who won, who lost and who got "forgotten".   One of the top three, Marco Rubio, sent out a fundraising appeal as the debate was going on:

Marco Rubio

Tonight I was constantly attacked by other Republican candidates on the debate stage.

I was attacked because they know I am the biggest threat to their success and they are focused on seeing my campaign defeated.

They will stop at nothing to tarnish my name and slander our campaign.

All eyes are on our campaign. They are looking to see how we will react totonight's debate and what support we have. 

Marco Rubio 
Marco Rubio
Republican Candidate for President 

The Hillary Clinton Campaign sent out this rebuttal as the debate was going on: 

Once again, the Republican candidates need a refresher on Hillary’s record as Secretary of State. Luckily, we’ve got it handy:

@TheBriefing2016 @HillaryClinton helped build the unprecedented global effort to combat climate change (7/4). http://hrc.io/1YfVM2p

It was interesting to note that Donald Trump affired that he will not run as an independent and underscored his total commitment to the @GOP.    As we assessed the debate and the aftermath, @realDonaldTrump again was the main attraction and what the Fox' Howard Kurtz noted as the "embrace" between Cruz and Trump continued.    The line that , "..You can't insult your way to the Presidency" so far has not impacted Trump too much despite having Trump having insulted a significant rainbow of the American Electorate.   The clashes were entertaininting--but whether that translates into votes remains to be seen as the countdown to Iowa and New Hampshire is in full force.   Politico's Tweet reflected who got the "biggest" time:

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As the Las Vegas Events were going on, the business of Governing continued.    The House Speaker informed his caucus that a deal was reached to keep the Goverment operating through next September to avoid a Government Shutdown.   Part of the deal has called for a lifting of the 40-year old ban on Exports of US Oil--which will continue to be interesting in terms of the impact it will have on Oil Markets.   There was also a rider on it incorporating HR158 on revising the Visa Waiver Program that has created a firestrom epitomized by what the founder of Code.Org Noted in a Twitter call to action:

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