Notations On Our World: On The US Political Scene

As we write this, we're going to be joining a panel of undecided voters in Georgia put together by Erick Erickson which should be interesting to get a sense of the state of the Republican Primary as the countdown to the Primary is before us:

We wanted to also report on this from the Washington Post that was quite interesting on their take on Donald Trump.   Our view is that his path to the Presidency is next to non-existent as he continues to make headlines as reflected below: 

Mic Smith / AP
It’s not chaos. It’s Trump’s campaign strategy.
Behind the Republican front-runner’s string of headline-dominating controversies: discipline and method.
By Paul Schwartzman and Jenna Johnson  •  Read more »
Attacks on Trump just make these voters like him more
A focus group of Trump supporters say they trust him — not the media or the GOP.
By David Weigel  •  Read more »
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