Notations On Our World: On @COP21 & Other thoughts

© Benjamin Géminel

Our team has been rather "Virtually Breathless" as we have been assessing how things are coming along at @COP21.    We were so gratified to see this as President Hollande along with her Environment Minister, Segelone Royale officially joined the openingi of the Climate Generations Pavilion underscoring the role of nonstate actors as the deliberations continue.    Laurent Fabius, the French Foreign Minister who was named by the 1300 delegates as President of @COP21, noted in his remarks that, "The Time Has Come".  Just like the World, we eagerly await On Our World.

Beyond the deliberations in Paris, there is the real world.   One distrubring development we're assessing is that Iran is in Recession.   The Government has come up with a "bail-out" type arrangement that entails citizens being entitled to a credit card to help spruce up durable goods   This is as the more conservative elements in the country are continuing their campaign to stifle dissent and to impose their own sense of morality on the Country.   Khameini has come out with some recent statements as his status is increasingly being elevated to the title of "Imam" even in official Government circles.   The Parlimaentary elections will be a harbinger to assess where the country goes from here.  In the meantime, Iran is waging a very challenging campaign in Syria that is seeing body bags coming home.   Four Afghani Soldiers who were part of a Basij Batallion were buried in Tehran within the past two weeks.    Our team found it of curious interest how Vladimir Putin was in Tehran and gave Khamienin the oldest Quran in Russia--as leaders of the Gas Producing Countries meeting in Tehran also went to see Khameini.   The Nigerian President, Mohammad Bouhari, said he learnt a "lot from him".     We will have a Notation soon on Nigeria as President Bouhari is known as "Baba Go Slow" as Boko Haram continue to wreck havoc on the Country.

As Iran continues to "preach morality", the rate of alcohol consumption continues to increase as this reflects (Some 420 Million Litres): 

This is as the rate of divorce continues to increase and as people are pulled to profound extreme measures to make ends meet.  The stories are heart-wrenching to read as we assess the situation inside the Country.

@COP21 and the advent of the Sustainable Development Goals we released in "Visions" gives us hope.   We wanted to end this edition of "notations" with a primer on it as our on-going assessment continues:    

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