Notations On Our World: As A New Week Dawns.....

The World has again been besieged with uncertainty.   Although we here at #outsides celebrated the momentous achievement at COP21, this was tempered by the reports we received here @ #Outsiders World Headquarters on the perilous state of our World.

The Yuan is being devalued which is an indication of the continued weakness of the Chinese Economy.   As we went to press, India's currency-the Rupee--has also lost value against the Dollar as Oil Prices continue to skid and as the inferno in the Middle East Burns away.    The passage of HR158 by the US House of Representatives and its consideration in the US Senate is also of concern.   There has been a concerted effort to get the White House to consider changing the provisions.

Two key developments we have also been assessing are the latest out of Venezuela and Brazil.   It was quite a scene as this morning's Wall Street Journal had an image of massive demonstrations calling for the impeachment and removal of President Russoff.   President Maduro of Venezuela suffered a humiliating defeat as the people got tired of corruption and bad government.   We have also been assessing what the Economist deemed "a circus" in South Africa as Jacob Zuma dismissed his Finance Minister and then appointed Minister Govan (who served for 8 years).   This is as South Africa continues its on-going challenges with Unemployment, rampant crime and corruption.  

We have also continued to assess the US Political Scene.   Mr. Trumps seems to continue topping the Polls as Senator Cruz is beginning an ascend at the expense of Dr Carson.   The Polls continue to be volatile we went to press.      There is of course the budget battle in Washington (again) as there is another deadline Congress is grappling with.    It was a nice touch that President Obama gave Federal workers Christmas Eve off.    It will also be quite an event as we in the United States will be witness to the last State of Union by President Obama:

BREAKING NEWS: President Obama's last #SOTU address will take place on January 12th. https://t.co/2oEnZZ4xfk pic.twitter.com/Vo2EP9omV0
— Paul Ryan (@SpeakerRyan) November 30, 2015 

As Trump continues to live by the Polls,   It was quite remarkable that once again polling was brought into question with what the National Front did in France.    They did not win a single regional seat---although as The French Prime Minister noted, the challenge from the right is far from over as Marie Le Pen will run for President in 2017.

We have a lot to go after as we work away on our "Notations" .    We could not help but share this from the former President of Uruguay that underscores how leaders must live: 

“We invented this thing called
representative democracy,
where we say
the majority is who decides.
So it seems to me
that we (heads of state)
should live like the majority
and not like the minority.”

~ Jose Mujica
Jose Mujica

As we went to press, we were amazed by reports out of Iran that there are deliberations going on to replace Ayatollah Khameini as the Supreme Guide (Supreme Leader).  It is a developing story which our team will be assessing over the ensuing weeks and months.   In addition, we just got word on the fact that A Federal Court has ordered a review of the parole conditions of the convicted Spy Jonathan Pollard who has expressed a desire to emigrate to Israel.

Onward with the new week!!!


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