The Friday Musical Interlude: Paul Winter Consort Winter Solstice Collection......

It is time for the Friday Musical Interlude here in #Outsiders.    Our team settled on Paul Winter as the "Artist of the Week" and received this which we hope all enjoy especially on this joyous holiday season:


Once again, we are pleased to offer you our freeWinter Solstice Collection. This has become a solstice tradition with us. Our intent is both to give a sampling of the artists who will be performing in this year's Solstice Celebration, and to share recordings we love.
This year's collection is 10 tracks, 53 minutes long, with recordings by Renato Braz, Fabiana Cozza, Theresa Thomason, and the Consort. It includes one historic solstice performance by the Consort. "Hodie / Good People All," from the late '80s.
We hope you'll enjoy the collection. And please share it with others. Listen & download. Included Tracks:
1. Anabela - Renato Braz, Paul Winter Consort
2. Hodie / Good People All - Paul Winter Consort
3. JuĂ­zo Final - Fabiana Cozza
4. Sun Singer - Paul Winter
5. Feitiço da Vila - Renato Braz, Paul Winter Consort
6. Mystery - Theresa Thomason, Paul Winter Consort
7. Desenredo - Renato Braz, Paul Winter Consort
8. Belly of the Whale - Paul Winter Consort, Humpback Whale
9. Angola - Renato Braz, Paul Winter Consort
10. Solstice Chant - Paul Winter Consort

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