Notations On Our World (Special Edition): On #India & #Burma

Our team has been on the prowl on the pivotal elections in India as part of our hastag daily #India watch.   The election results in India have been quite a shocker.

When we began monitoring the results coming in, we were releasing results courtesy of the team at @NDTV as it had exit polls forecasting a BJP-Led victory in Bihar.   What is critical to note is that Bihar is a state with 100 Million People (10% of India).   As such, what happened in India matters.     It was remarkable how the BJP was defeated as it was.

This from +NDTV is remarkable in its' mea-copa on the aftermath of the reporting: 


As our team continues its' analysis, what we have realized is that the polling-industrial complex has to change and our team as of now will not report on any polling at all in light of this.    We could not agree more with the +NDTV founder as he noted how it was such a fantastic election.    The Indian Prime Minister and his high command has some major thinking to do.

Our team is also assessing the elections in Burma (also known as Myanmar).   As we went to press, we understand that the Nationa League for Democracy is heading for a landslide based on actual results coming in.   We will have more to say on it over the ensuing few days.

As we have been assessing our world, one thing we know is this:  these are truly interesting times.....

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