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As it is November 30, the rush to raise money is ever so evident on all sides.   Here is a sampling received from the Jeb Bush Campaign, the Marco Rubio Campaign  and the Democrats:

a group of major donors saw my dad’s note and stepped up and offered to match every donation that comes in within the next 12 hours, dollar for dollar.

So please rush your contribution of $50, $25, $5, or whatever you can afford beforemidnight tonight.

In 12 hours, November will be over. We need to beat this deadline, so please step up and chip in $50 now: Jeb2016.com/Donate

Thank you,


—Begin Forwarded Message—
From: President George H.W. Bush
Date: November 29, 2015
Subject: Why am I a proud father?

Jeb 2016!

It’s been a long road so far, and as you may have heard Jeb say on the trail, I’ve caught myself throwing my shoes at the nonsense on TV a couple times this year.

That’s why I’m reaching out. Jeb needs your help.

Midnight tomorrow marks the end of another month, and the most important fundraising deadline yet for Jeb.

So I’m asking, will you contribute $50 right now? Will you help us reach our goal of $200,000? Will you help us win?

You know I’m a proud father, but I’m reaching out from more than just pride: I know Jeb can fix Washington because he’s already done it in Florida.

Mike, I’m asking one last time before this month is over, contribute $100, $50, $15 or whatever you can afford right now, before the midnight deadline.

One last note,  . As I'm writing, Barbara, or as we call her, “The Enforcer,” is sitting next to me writing an email of her own for those that don’t step up. From the looks of it, you don’t want to get that follow up email.

So, please chip in today: Jeb2016.com/Stand-with-Jeb

All the best,

George H.W. Bush


Paid for by Jeb 2016, Inc.

Have you seen the latest poll out of Iowa?

Trump 25, Cruz 23, Carson 18, Rubio 13 (Quinnipiac 11/24)

Frankly, if we get outraised before tonight’s crucial deadline, one of these extremists could be our next President -- with a Republican Congress to help ram through his agenda. This is NOT an exaggeration or hyperbole.

We’re begging for your help before tonight’s Fundraising Deadline. Can you help put us back on track?


Chip in $5 immediately >>
Chip in $35 immediately >>
Chip in $50 immediately >>
Chip in $100 immediately >>
Chip in $250 immediately >>
Or donate another amount >>

& Marco Rubio:

I know this is a busy weekend and you receive a lot of emails, so I just wanted to check in and see if you had a chance to read the email I sent earlier this past week. If not, please read it below right now.

 all eyes, on both sides of the aisle, are on my campaign and I need your support to ensure we have the funds needed to fight back.

- Marco

P.S. Our campaign is still short of our November fundraising goals. Will you please chip in right now and help us reach them?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Marco Rubio
Date: Wed, Nov 25, 2015 at 9:07 AM
Subject: please open this email, mike p

I need your immediate support and help to fight back.

According to an article in the LA Times, the Democrats are afraid of my campaign so they are hoping Republicans will do their dirty work for them.

 the Democrats are scared because they're watching my polling numbers and seeing the impact our campaign is having across the country. They know my campaign's message and ideas for our nation are resonating with millions of Americans. They know I will be the candidate who defeats Hillary Clinton next November. 

But   in order to run a winning campaign and go up against the huge war chests of my opponents on both sides, we need to close out this November with strong numbers.

We've set a goal of raising $150,000 by midnight on Monday, November 30th. Will you help us reach that right now?

Donation: Pending

  I'm being attacked by both sides. Right now the Establishment Republicans are attacking me in the media for being "too conservative." And the Democrats are gleefully watching this and hoping that my OWN party does their work for them.

When I announced my campaign for president, I knew it would come with slander and attacks. But it has been quite unfortunate that some of those attacks have come from within our own party.

I am the only candidate who will defeat Hillary Clinton next November, but I cannot do so unless I have your support today. 

Would you please consider chipping in $5, $10, $15 or more right now to ensure we meet our November goal?

Donation: Pending

The time has come for our generation to lead the way toward a New American Century. Your donation today will send a strong message to the leftist mainstream media that our campaign has the fortitude of thousands in every state and every corner of the United States; and together we are going to take our country back. 

In order to fight back, and ensure victory next fall I need your support.
  mike p, will you strengthen my campaign by making a much needed donation today?


Marco Rubio
Republican Candidate for President 

P.S. Your support today will go a long way for our campaign. Our campaign's Month-End deadline is quickly approaching and I need your help to ensure we finish the month with the strongest numbers possible. Please follow this link to make a donation right now to guarantee your name is there!


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