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One year from today, Americans go to the Poll to elect the next President of the United States.  This is as Donald Trump is about to take the stage to tout his new book and as Ben Carson is also on the road at book signing ceremony as he reminded that he was not a politican.   Jeb Bush also has a new book out as well.   

It has been quite a remarkable few days on the political scene in the United States.     The latest Real Clear Politics Polling is remarkable in how things have turned against Donald Trump:

Battle for the White HouseRCP Poll Averages
NationalIowaNew Hampshire
Trump25.3Trending DownCarson27.8Trending DownTrump30.7
Carson24.0Trending UpTrump21.0Trending UpCarson13.0
Rubio9.0Trending DownCruz10.4Trending UpRubio10.7Trending Up
Cruz7.5Trending UpRubio9.6Trending DownKasich8.7Trending Up
Bush6.5Trending UpBush6.2Bush8.0Trending Down
NationalIowaNew Hampshire
Clinton51.4Trending UpClinton55.6Trending UpSanders40.5
Sanders27.4Trending UpSanders31.4Trending DownClinton38.5
Biden17.0O'Malley4.0Trending UpBiden10.0
General Election Match-Ups

There are a few off year elections right now and the results may be a "bellweather" of things to come in the general elections.     Rubio garned a major Billionarire--Paul Singer--who says that Rubio can beat Hillary Clintona s the GOP continues its' internal debatea bout how to structure debates.   This is as Jeb Bush has launched the "Jeb Can Fix it" Tour.  Some of the latest out of the campaigns were interesting in their tone: 

Jeb 2016!

I’ve said it time and again, I’m in this to win. That means competing in every state across the country, far beyond the February caucuses and primaries.

The first step is getting my name on the ballot in all 50 states. It’s not as easy as it sounds -- it’s a lengthy and costly process, and I can’t do it without your support.

We only have one week to raise the money and get on the ballot. If we fall even $1 short of the $25,000 we need to raise, voters won’t see my name on the ballot when they head to the polls.

This campaign has the organization and grassroots support to win the nomination, but unless we can raise the money necessary to get on the ballot in Arkansas and every other state, our efforts will fall short.

Mike, all of our efforts mean nothing if my name is missing from the ballot on Election Day.

Thank you,


As we went to press, we saw this from the Marco Rubio Campaign:  

mike p,

Earlier today, I announced my official endorsement of Marco Rubio for President!

Thanks to Marco's support during my first campaign for the Senate last year, I've been able to join him as a new generation of leaders advancing new ideas and solutions for building our country.

Now, I'm glad to return the favor by lending my support to Marco and his campaign. 

In my home state of Colorado, we know the importance of electing new leadership to fight for and strengthen the American Dream. We'll have the opportunity to do that again in 2016 when we get to vote for Marco to be our next president.

When Marco is our president, the votes I'm taking in the Senate will be on legislation that finally lands on the desk of a president who will sign bills into law, rather than vetoing them or getting Harry Reid to grind the Senate to a halt.

If you're ready to send a new president to Washington who will represent the next generation of leadership,  

Cory Gardner
U.S. Senator

It has also been quite interesting to see how the aftermath of the debate has gone.     Donald Trump is on the air lambasting what he deems as the "Current" state of affairs as the President came out and noted this:

In the meantime, the Democrats are continuing their efforts as the Emails come out which shows how Hillary Clinton tried to keep her hear to the grond to avoid being isolated:  
 The Indian Express (@IndianExpress)
New chain of emails show breadth of Hillary Clinton’s network iexp.in/KFw201917pic.twitter.com/USeuV93MIo

What was remarkable was how Trump called Sergeant Berghdhal a traitor when the investigations by the Army has proven otherwise as he notes that "he's telling it like it is..."

The reality is otherwise though:  

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