Notations On Our World: On the Tragic Day In #France w/the #ParisShooting

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls and French President Francois Hollande attending an emergency meeting at the Interior Minister
President Hollande & Prime Minister Valls

We have been on the World Media Watch throughout the past 5 hours as events have unfolded in Paris.  In a series of apparent coordinated attacks, a number of key venues in Central Paris were attacked and there have been multitude fatatlies.   Our team and our founder have been on Twitter sharing periodic updates.    What was horrific was the latest we just received on 100 people having been killed at the Batalcan Concert Venue. +FRANCE 24  is reporting live on the situation right now and is hereby available here. as the Police have raided the Concert hall. 

The President of France has declared a State of Emergency throughout France as the Goverment of France come to grips with the aftermath of this horrific and heinous act.     President Hollande spoke within the past hour to update France and the world on the situation as he also chaired a meeting of the French Cabinet: 


President Hollande  along with the Prime Minister went on to  the Concert Hall to assess the situation as President Hollande has cancelled his scheduled trip to the G20.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of this tragedy as we extend our profound sense of condolosences to the people of France during this very dark hour.

Vive L'France.  
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