Notations On Our World: On #ParisAttacks, #NotinMyName & Other Thoughts...

Our team has been on the prowl throughout the night as we are seeing reports of Terrorists being apparently cornered in a suburb of Paris, St. Denis as we are seeing reports of police being injured.   There have been deaths and the man coordianting the Paris raids is the direct target.   This is as earlier today a number of venues in Germany were evaucated due to bomb scares and two Air France fights were diverted due to apparent bomb scares as they took off from the United States.

What was gratifying to note was the movement #NotinMyName initially launched in the aftermath of Charlie Hebdo was resurrected again:

Photo published for 'This Is Not Islam': Hashtag Campaign Revived After Paris Attacks

We picked this up courtesy of our founder on his personal twitter feed as #NotinMyName gathers steam:  

This is as GOP Governors have begun a campaign to bar Syrian Refugees that drew a sharp rebuke from President Obama who is at the APEC summit and noted by the +Huffington Post Politics and received by our offices in an email dispatch within the past hour as reported by the +Associated Press : 

SAUL LOEB via Getty Images
MANILA, Philippines (AP) — President Barack Obama is accusingRepublicans who oppose allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S. of being scared of widows and orphans. He says the political posturing "needs to stop."

Obama is addressing calls from GOP leaders for an immediate, temporary closure of America's borders to Syria refugees. He says those Republicans "think they're so tough."

"At first, they were too scared of the press being too tough on them in the debates. Now they are scared of three year old orphans. That doesn't seem so tough to me," Obama said, referring to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's assertion that not even refugee children should be allowed into the United States.

It is also of note, though, the hoaxes that was at hand as noted by the Sydney Morning Herald:

Internet's 10 biggest Paris hoaxes
Social media is the perfect space for lies to propagate. Here are 10 false facts about Paris you may have shared.
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