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The latest Republican Debate will be on the air on Fox Business in a few hours.    It was quite interesting as the Fox Host, Maria Bartolome, noted how GOP candidates needed to grow up.  The field, though, continues to be ever so volatile as Ben Carson continues to top the national polls with Marco Rubio continuing to rise.

The Rubio Campaign sent out this "call to action" earlier:

mike p,

A story just broke tonight in the New York Times that revealed Jeb Bush's Super PAC's Plan to attack Marco. They write:

"The group's chief strategist has boasted of his willingness to spend as much as $20 million to damage Mr. Rubio's reputation and halt his sudden ascent in the polls"

You read that right. Jeb's plan is to spend $20 million dollars to "damage Mr. Rubio's reputation." Not just talk about how they differ on the issues but to actively try to destroy Marco's reputation. And they're bragging about that? How is that the kind of "joyful" campaign that Jeb claimed he wanted to run?!?!

Jeb Bush helped raise $100 million for this Super PAC. They will outspend us. That's just a fact. Marco didn't inherit a national network of wealthy, well-connected donors.

It get's better. Jeb's Super PAC has even produced a video claiming that Marco is too Pro-Life!!! Honestly, it's something we'd expect from Hillary and the mainstream media, but the fact that the Republican establishment believes this is what they need to do to take down Marco is astonishing.

We have to get Marco's back and help him stand strong against this desperate move.

Thanks for your help -- we'll keep you updated as we learn more about these secret plans.


Terry Sullivan
Campaign Manager
Marco Rubio for President

P.S. This is even more unbelievable: the Jeb Bush Super PAC is so desperate to try and bring down Marco they've held "focus groups" with voters to zero in on the most damaging attacks. That's what we're up against and that's why Marco urgently needs your support.

We also saw this from the Jindal Campaign as he sent brief comments from his "Blackberry":

I just completed my walkthrough for tonight’s presidential debate on the FOX Business Network at 7pm Eastern. (If you don’t get FOX Business Network on your TV, you can watch tonight's debate online at FoxBusiness.com/). This is what I’ll get to see during the debate:

I’ll be in debate prep meetings this afternoon, but I’m asking my team for a report on how many of our great grassroots activists (like you) have chipped in to show their support before this evening.

We have "edited out" the fundraising links.

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