Notations On Our World: On #COP21 (An #Outsider Newsflash)


+COP21 has begun.    There have been a lot of speeches so far and our team has been on the prowl on Twitter with updates.    As we went to press this morning, reports came out that India will be announcing a coailition of 120 Countries with commitments to Solar Power which is welcome.

As the deliberations continue in Paris, though, the sceptics will continue their say.     That's why our team nearly fell otu of its' chair in laughter in unisom as it saw this on Facebook during the morning review:

Idiots said they were confident they would prevail in the ongoing climate-change debate: “At the end of the day, there are more people like us in Congress."
Posted by Andy Borowitz on Monday, November 30, 2015

Hopefully he'd be proven wrong and in fact Francoise Hollande will be able to get a binding agreement for what he noted was the sake of all.    Over 150 Heads of State and Government along with luminaries like Bill Gates and Jack Ma are there.  

We remain hopeful.

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