Notations From the Grid (Week-End Edition): A Snapshot on the US Political Scene (Updated w/Results From Louisiana)

It has been a very interesting week on the US Political Scene.    Candidates have been busy on all fronts trying to continue raising money in the aftermath of #ParisAttacks.  (Update:  John Bel Edwards has beaten David Vitter to win the Governor's Race in Louisiana.   The record of the Governors' Races (Republicans having won Kentucky) is 1-1.    Although it must be noted that the Republicans have a great "ground game" advantage, it is still quite a race for 2016 as the countdown to the early states is at hand).

Our team decided to pull together what the Democrats and Republicans were doing this week along with some of the on-going reporting.   The First one is from the Nooner by Scott Lay which is a must read for us here @ #Outsiders on what California Representatives did as they voted with their justification--his last statement was telling:  

POLITICS: Inside the Syrian refugee vote: California representatives explain what shaped their votes [Sarah D. Wire @ LAT] - "The California Democrats voting in favor of the measure were [Scott] Peters and Reps. Pete Aguilar (Redlands), Ami Bera (Elk Grove), Julia Brownley (Westlake Village), Jim Costa (Fresno), John Garamendi (Walnut Grove), Janice Hahn (Los Angeles) andRaul Ruiz (Palm Desert)."
The other thing in common is that these are the vulnerable Dems from California, with the exception of Janice Hahn, who is running for LA County Supervisor. It was the political expedient way to vote, but reminds some of Executive Order 9066 signed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1942.
Meanwhile, The Bee's Stephen Magagnini writes "Sacramento Japanese Americans joined Muslim Americans, Sikhs, Buddhists and Christians on Thursday to protest the assertion by the mayor of Roanoke, Va., that the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II was justified, and that Syrian refugees should be considered just as serious a threat. 'I'm reminded that President Franklin D. Roosevelt felt compelled to sequester Japanese foreign nationals after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and it appears the threat of harm to America from ISIS is now just as real and serious as that from our enemies then,' Roanoke Mayor David Bowers said in a Wednesday statement."
Yeah, my former in-laws and their families that were chicken farmers were an existential threat to California. I love FDR and Earl Warren (then California governor who enforced it), but this was among the worst chapters in America's 20th century.

What was also on tap was what Ben Carson and Donald Trump noted.    As we went to press, though, we saw how Donald Trump scaled back on his comments--although Dr Carson seems to have stood by his statements as eiptomized by his column in Time Magazine especially as more challenges remain: 

Mike Kittrell / AP
‘Rabid’ dogs and closing mosques: Anti-Islam rhetoric grows in GOP
In the wake of the Paris attacks, Republicans and some Democrats are urging greater scrutiny of religion.
By David A. Fahrenthold and Jose A. DelReal  •  Read more »
The five things that could still force a government shutdown
The bipartisan budget agreement reached last month was supposed to put an end the fiscal fights that have dominated President Obama's relationship with congressional Republicans.
By Kelsey Snell and Mike DeBonis  •  Read more »
How Bill Clinton’s losing 1974 race helped launch the Clintons’ donor network
By Matea Gold and Tom Hamburger  •  Read more »

We also found of interest this on Money although the exact rationale is yet to be determined: 
Meredith McGehee
McGehee (Alex Wong/Getty Images)
It's expected that the 2016 cycle will see candidates spend $6 billion on political advertising -- but so far, Jeb Bush's backers have spent $20 million on TV ads without noticeably boosting their candidate's polling numbers. That raises questions about the power of money in the modern campaign era, experts say. "Money gives you the opportunity to get a message out," says Meredith McGehee of the Campaign Legal Center. But, she adds, "No amount of money can overcome a bad candidate."
Politico Magazine online (11/18),  Los Angeles Times (tiered subscription model) (11/18), NBC News (11/18) 
We also are ever so evident of the efforts by both Parties on what they have been up to which is always interesting to assess in spite of the rationale in the reporting we saw: 


The political class is conspiring against outsider candidates—and doing their best to keep us off the primary ballot.

If you're fed up with the political class stacking the deck to protect the Bushes and the Clintons—if you believe the American people should get a choice, not a coronation, in 2016—I need your help right away.
Can you chip in $13 to help us even the playing field, and make sure my name gets on the ballot in all 50 states?
The political class's plan is simple and sinister: make it so difficult for outsider candidates like me to get on the primary ballots that, when you go to pick your Republican nominee next spring, your only choices will be deep-pocketed establishment favorites, like Jeb Bush.
Here are just some of the insane roadblocks they set up to keep outsiders off the ballot:

  • Some states are charging tens of thousands of dollars just to file to get my name on the ballot—meaning a campaign needs Jeb Bush money or Hillary Clinton money to compete.
  • In other states, it takes tens of thousands of petition signatures to qualify—forcing our field staff to waste countless hours filling out paperwork, rather than making our case to the American people.

The entire primary process is littered with examples like this—in all 50 states. Because when you're in the political class, that's what you do: you rig the game in your favor, and try to keep everyone else out.

All in all, it'll cost this campaign about $2 million in ballot fees and staff costs to get on every ballot. That's money and time that would (and should) be better spent getting our message out to the American people, not paying off the political establishment.
This campaign has built incredible momentum over the past few months—defying expectations every step of the way. Time and time again, I've proven to the American people that I don't shy away from a fight. I don't flinch in the face of tough decisions. And I don't quit until I get the job done.
Believe me, this campaign is battle-tested—and ready to lead the fight against the political class, just like we've done in the past.
When party bosses tried to keep me of the debate stage—using the same shady tactics they're using to keep us off the ballot now—we fought back. We took this fight directly to the American people. We not only earned our spot on the debate stage, but we even won the next debate itself, too.
But I can't win this next fight by myself. I can't do it without your immediate help and support, right now.
I might not be your top choice for President (just yet) but I know you and I can both agree on one thing: we need to change the way the political class operates, and we need to do it together.
That starts with ensuring that the American people should be able to see every conservative candidate's name on their primary ballots—not just the favorites of the political class. Conservatives like you should decide who becomes our nominee, not Republican Party bosses.
We can't change their unfair rules—but what we can do is beat the political class at their own game.
Will you help us punch back and fight to make sure that conservatives, not party bosses, decide which Republican faces Hillary Clinton next November?
Pitch in just $13. Make the difference. Even the playing field. Help make sure we get a real choice in our primaries—not a coronation.
Thanks for all your help—we can't win this fight without you!

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This is really getting scary. Donald Trump believes that the minimum wage is “too high.”

He didn’t leave it at that either.

He went on to say that, if elected president, he plans to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants within 2 years.

This is the same Donald Trump who is leading in the polls.

We need to make sure we have a Congress that can stand up to him – if he is elected.

His deportation plan of 11 million people is roughly the size of the state of Ohio.

Trump actually called these views “good management.” Management of what?

Democrats must take back the majority in the Senate, and that’s why we need your support today.

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As we went to press with this "snapshot",  what Geoff Colvin noted underscores the true realities we have to deal with: 

Fortune Power Sheet By Geoff Colvin.

November 11, 2015
Last year famed Democratic campaign strategist James Carville told a roomful of businesspeople in Washington, “If Jeb Bush were named Jeb Smith, the nomination would be his for the asking.” That contention sounded plausible at the time. This morning, after an improved but still uninspiring debate performance by Bush last night, we can’t blame his long decline on America’s supposed distaste for dynasties and family wealth. His name is turning out to be irrelevant. An insightful analysis in this morning’s Washington Post shows that during the debate, viewers Googled Bush less than any other candidate onstage, including Rand Paul. Bush is a highly knowledgeable policy wonk beneath his obviously scripted and poll-tested talking points; he’s just not the kind of retail politician who engages today’s voters. He looks increasingly like a good potential cabinet member in someone else’s administration.
Yet the question persists: Post-financial crisis, will America embrace a wealthy, well connected candidate? The answer that springs to mind – of course it will, just look atDonald Trump’s popularity – doesn’t hold up. While Trump is popular among Republicans in a crowded field, trailing only Ben Carson, he’s highly unpopular among Americans overall. He’s the most disliked Republican candidate, regarded unfavorably by 59% of the public, while only 37% view him favorably, says the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll. That’s why so many pundits dismiss him as a potential nominee; even if by some miracle he were to win the nomination, his chances of winning the election look minuscule.
Americans don’t much like Trump, but the weight of the evidence still suggests to me that even today, with concern about income disparity and the 1% running high, America would not reject a nominee because he or she is rich. We have a long history of alternating between plutocrats and up-from-nothing strivers in the White House. Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and George W. Bush were born rich; Harry Truman, Ronald Reagan, and Barack Obama were born poor. We don’t care,
Besides, though it’s often overlooked, virtually all the leading candidates this time around are rich. In addition to Trump and Bush, Carson reported that he and his wife earned between $8.9 million and $27 million over a recent 16-month period. Carly Fiorina, whose support spiked after the second Republican debate, reported a net worth of about $60 million. Hillary Clinton, still the leading Democratic candidate nationwide by far, and her husband Bill have earned over $100 million since he left the presidency in 2001, including over $25 million in the past two years.
The larger point is that we Americans have no objection to wealth – the public lovesWarren Buffett and countless zillionaire athletes and entertainers – and we actually love political dynasties. Think of the Kennedys, the Daleys of Chicago, the Cuomos of New York; the latest generation of Udalls at one point had three cousins serving simultaneously in the Senate.
In politics as in so much else, America still seems to be a land of opportunity. We mostly judge candidates on their individual merits. You can even be elected president if you’re rich and well connected. But not if you’re rich, well connected, and uninspiring.
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