Notations For the Week-End: On the Dawn of a New Month Here in #Outsiders....

Our team chose this "Thought 4 the Week" as we begin our new month and underscore the privilege we feel to serve:

“Kindness is an inner desire 
that makes us want to do good things
even if we do not get anything in return. 
It is the joy of our life to do them. 
When we do good things from this inner desire, 
there is kindness in everything we think, 
say, want and do.”
~ Emanuel Swedenborg

It was also quite a day as once again India remembered one of its' founders, the Great Sardar Patel.     We found it quite appropriate as we saw this from India:

The need to smile is ever so crucial--but it has not been easy to smile as our World was once again witness to the horrific crash of the Russian Jetliner in Egypt that killed over 200 people.   The merchants of death of Daesh have claimed responsibity and as we went to press here, a Russian Expert claims that the plane broke up in mid-air.  It has been vehemently denied by Egyptian Officials who have had to deal with a very low voter turnout during the parliamentary elections.   We have also been assessing the situation in Turkey as the ruling AKP party seems to have gotten its' footing by regaining its' absolute majority--we will have more on it soon as we assess the aftermath.   This is as we are also contiually assessing the US Political landscape out there which continues to be dynamic as ever.

Never a dull moment in our World as November begins in our World..... 

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