Notations On World: Brief Late Breaking Developments re: @GOP; #Syria & #Guns

As the morning dawns, the US House GOP Caucus has begun a meeting to try and figure out the leadership vaccum that resulted after Congressman Kevin McCarthy withdrew from the race.   There is "talk" of Paul Ryan being the unifier.   It is a developing story. 

Brig. General Hossein Hamedani

Beyond Washington, there is the war in Syria.    We just received reports that a Senior Iranian Military Advisor, Brigader General Hossein Hamedani,  has died in Syria.   This was announced by the Public Affairs Branch of the Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp.    It underscores the high level of involvment by Iran which has been well-known. 

As we went to press, we are monitoring a news conference in Arizona as another college shooting occured at Northern Arizona University.       According to the statement, an 18-year student produced a gun during an altercation and killed one student and injured three students.   The shooter is in custody.   This is as President Obama prepares to visit the families of the Oregon Shooting victims.

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