Notations On Our World (weekend edition): On #Iran, #Afghanistan, #US & Other Thoughts

The last 24 hours has been yet again quite challenging in the Middle East.    Russia has stepped up its' campaign in a major way in Syria to support Assad as Iran has also apparently deployed additional troops.     We also saw reports that apparently Iran warned Russia on Assad's impending fall and how Iran was not in a position to prop him up as everyone who can escape is escaping and even Damascus is not safe anymore.

We have also been continuing to assess the aftermath of the Hajj Stampede.    This is as the first of the over 400 of the fallen as a result of the Haj Stampede in Saudi Arabia were officially received in Iran as the President, the Parliament Speaker, the Chief Justice and the Supreme Guide (leader's) Chief of Staff looked on:

The Saudi Foreign Minister accused Iran of "politicizing" the issue after the Health Minister earlier said that it was the fault of the pligrims because they did not follow directions.        Our team will be continuing to assess this especially as the Vice President for Legal Affairs for Iran said that all legal matters are being pursued to hold Saudi Arabia Accountable.

The situation in #Kunduz was also worrisome as our team reviewed the Statement from Doctors Without Borders earlier. Condemnations have been forthcoming from all corners including the UN as the hospital was bombed despite all parties having been informed of the GPS coordinates.  This report from the Chief of the Hospital (available by clicking here) is telling on the carnage as this from the Hosptial as fighting began and as the Emergency Room was burning:

We here @ #Outsiders salute all the brave souls of Doctors Without Borders who are at the forefront of conflicts all around the World and extend our heartfelt condolences to the families of the fallen.  We also pray that their sacrifice is not in vain.

There are truly challenging times especially as we also continue to assess  the troublesome job creation report that adds to on-going broad global worries as the wars around the World rage on.

Truly challenging times.....

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