Notations on Our World (W-End Special Edition): On Our World & A Prayer For Peace

Our team has been on the "Social Grid" doing the Daily Twitter Curation on the watch hashtags.  We have been especially horrified at the reports out of Israel.  on the continued attacks and the newest reports on rape from India.  This as we have continued to assess the aftermath of the disturbing remarks by Indian Politicans on the subject of Beef--and how in Kashmir a truck driver was killed on Beef rumors.    This is as the Syrian Inferno continues to burn ever more based on the latest reports on deaths.

We have also been on the prowl on the situation in Afghanistan and have been assessing the State of the US Elections especially as Hillary Rodham Clinton is gearing up for her testimony before the Benghazi Committee.   The exchange between two members of the Committee on NBC's Meet The Press was interesting in that the Republican and Democratic Member talked past each other as the paralysis in Washington as the GOP is yet to be able to agree on a Speaker.    The +Haaretz הארץ 's  Chami Shalev  underscored the predicament ever so eloqently:

Barack Obama needs an Israeli-Palestinian flare-up like a hole in the head. Trapped in Afghanistan, mired in Syria, stumped by Putin, confounded by Iran, worried about Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and what not, the last thing the U.S. president needs right now is a war over the Temple Mount 
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As our team launches the new week here in #Outsiders and continue on-going work on Daily Outsider 2.x,  this compilation of thoughts from +Jonathan Huie underscores our wish and what we hope the #Outsider platform will hope to underscore in our on-going developement as we hope to do our part to live up to such admonitions: 

The Christian gospel is a summons to peace,
calling for justice beyond anger,
mercy beyond justice,
forgiveness beyond mercy,
love beyond forgiveness.
- Wendell Berry 

It isn't enough to talk about peace.
One must believe in it.
And it isn't enough to believe in it.
One must work at it.
- Eleanor Roosevelt

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