Notations On Our World (W-End Edition): On The Latest From the Middle East

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
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Israel attacks continue as Israel just launched air raids in retaliation for the latest missle attacks.  As we have been assessing the situation so far, it appears that the steps taken by the Israeli Government seems to have had no effect.    Our team released this on Twitter during our "Daily Roundup" earlier today:

The Israeli Prime Minister issued this statement on this as published by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs which we received here at our Virtual Studios as we went to press: 

Statement from PM Netanyahu's Office on ongoing violence
PM Netanyahu made it clear that he expects the Palestinian Authority to stop its wild and mendacious incitement,  which is causing the current wave of terrorism.
(Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered the reinforcement of Israel Police units in Jerusalem; to this end, three reserve Border Police companies have been mobilized. The mobilization of forces will continue as necessary. The three companies will reinforce the Israel Police in Jerusalem and throughout the country. An increased presence is a primary preventive and deterrent measure.

On Friday night (9 October 2015), Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke with US Secretary of State John Kerry and made it clear that he expects the Palestinian Authority to stop itswild and mendacious incitement, which is causing the current wave of terrorism. Secy. of State Kerry clarified that the US is aware of the fact that it is Israel's policy to maintain the status quo and not change it.
Over the weekend, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked security officials to massively reinforce Israel Police and Border Police forces and mobilize additional reserve units. Pursuant to the Prime Minister's request, a discussion was held to assess the situation; the Prime Minister approved the mobilization of 13 Border Police companies, in addition to the three that have already been mobilized. At the discussion it was noted that a reinforced presence is a preventive and deterrent measure that assists in maintaining order. The companies will be stationed in Jerusalem and throughout the country.

Prime Minister Netanyahu: "I have ordered the mobilization of Border Police companies in order to restore security and order in Jerusalem and around the country. We will continue to do all that is necessary."

Prime Minister Netanyahu will on Sunday (11 October 2015) convene an additional discussion of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic Movement. The security establishment has - in recent days, on instruction from the Prime Minister - formulated a series of actions against the Islamic Movement and the incitement that it is fomenting.

Behind the Headlines: Palestinian incitement and terrorism

The recent series of attacks against Israelis is the direct result of incitement by radical Islamist and terrorist elements, calling on Palestinian youth to murder Jews. The incitement includes the spread of false claims against Israel, in particular regarding the status quo on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The culture of hate in the Palestinian media, schools and social networks, together with the statements of Palestinian leaders, has reached new and gruesome heights.
The Palestinian Authority, including its chairman Mahmoud Abbas, are using inflammatory Islamic rhetoric to spread false and malicious claims against Israel, and treat those who engage in the murder of Israelis as heroes. These statements amount to official incitement to violence and can only serve to exacerbate the situation.
Radical Islamists are bringing explosive devices, Molotov cocktails and other weaponry onto the Temple Mount, thus deliberately desecrating, damaging and endangering the holy site and turning it into a battle field. The militarization of a site revered by all should be universally condemned. The aim of these elements is to change the status quo and to prevent visits by non-Muslims on the Mount.
The status quo protects the right of Muslims to pray on the Temple Mount, as well as the freedom of all people, whether Muslims, Christians, Jews or others, to visit the Mount. Visits to the Temple Mount over the past year included nearly 4,000,000 entries by Muslims, about 200,000 entries by Christians, and about 12,000 entries by Jews.
Israel, for its part, is making every effort to restore calm. It guarantees freedom of worship for members of all faiths and is strongly committed to maintaining the status quo on the Temple Mount. Israel has never made any attempt to change the status quo, and any claim to the contrary is a lie.
Israel also remains committed to dialogue with the Palestinian leadership and would like to see the renewal of direct peace talks as soon as possible.


This unrest comes on top of the horrific attack in Turkey (that we released a newsflash on yesterday) and the continued Syrian Inferno that seems to have no end in sight.  Meanwhile, in Iran, we just received reports that The Iranian Vice President. Dr Salehi, was threatened by one of the Majlis Deputies in Parliament over the deal--by the name of Rouhllah Hossenian.   According to another Majlis Deputy, Pirmordan, who represents the City of Ardebil (in Central Iran), Hossenian said that "We will kill you (Salehi) and pour cement over you".    Others also apparently threatened the Iranian Foreign Minister, Dr. Zarif, as well.  Others interceded as this image published on the Islamic Republic News Agency shows:

Our team will continue to assess this over the ensuing days.

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