Notations On Our World: A "Virtual Sweep" On #uselectionwatch; #Iran; #Syria (w/an Update on @VP)

As we went to press, we have been assessing the overnight polls on the US political scene.   It is quite startling that Donald Trump continues to top the polls with 100 Days until the New Hampshire Primary.   Jeb Bush continues to suffer mightly in the Polls.      There is a conceivable path that Donald Trump may make it to the nomination as the so-called establishment candidates continue to suffer.   This is as Hillary Clinton continues to dominate the Polls on the Democratic Side.   Here is the latest on the @RealClear Politics "Polls of Polls":

Battle for the White HouseRCP Poll Averages
NationalIowaNew Hampshire
Trump27.2Trending UpTrump22.3Trump28.0
Carson21.3Trending UpCarson16.7Carson14.3Trending Up
Rubio9.0Trending UpFiorina10.3Bush9.0
Cruz8.0Trending DownCruz8.3Rubio8.5Trending Down
Bush7.0Rubio7.7Fiorina8.0Trending Down
NationalIowaNew Hampshire
Clinton47.0Trending UpClinton38.7Clinton36.4Trending Up
Sanders25.4Trending UpSanders27.0Sanders36.2Trending Up
Biden17.3Trending DownBiden17.0Biden12.0Trending Down
General Election Match-Ups

Mr Ryan has also stepped up with a willingness to serve as Speaker.  He has laid out five conditions--one of them being a Party of Proposition vs. a Party of Opposition.   It will be an interesting few days in the US House.  

(Update:  The House Freedom caucus has yet to endorse Mr. Ryan.    The Vice President decided not to run.     This is as we saw this which needs to be analyzed and will be one of the number of upcoming projects:

Beyond the US Political scene, there is a startling development that occurred overnight:


Bashar Assad has met Vladimir Putin in Moscow.    This is quite startling as Russia has increased its' signficant support and the war continues with no end in sight.    This is as Canada has withdrawn from the Anti-Daesh Coailition.     

 It was also of keen interest as we reviewed reports out of Iran on this as Khameini visited the Family of General Hamedani who was killed which we reported on earlier:

 It is also of note that Ayatollah Khameini, Iran's Supreme Guide (Also known as Supreme Leader in the West), issued a directive to the  Government to get the deal implemented now that the Majlis approved and the Guadian Council ascended.  The Website of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, underscored the "important" nature of the directive in its' headline.

Our team has also been  continuing to assess the increased violence in Israel.  The stabbings are continuing and as we went to press, A Female Israeli Soldier was stabbed and the assailant was shot dead.    This is as the war of words continues between the Israeli Prime Minister and the Palestine President continues--also epiotmized by the claim by the Israeli Prime Minister that the Grand Mufti of Jeruselaum planted the idea of the Holocaust in the maniac Hitler's head.

Challenging days as we continue our work in #Outsiders.....
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