Notations On Our World (Special Edition) : On the "Virtual Daily Prowl" & On #AiWeiwei

It has been another challenging morning as the people of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India had to deal with the aftermath of a major Earthquake.  This is as we are seeing an insurgency rage on with no end in sight.    Our team was also working away on the Daily Twitter Curations with some of the other on-going challenges.    It was distressing as we saw reports of  a bus carrying members of the Afghan Human Rights Commision was targeted.   

We also wanted to share this "newsflash" our founder shared with us.    Our "Visions" Channel has featured some of the projects on Kickstarter we've backed.   Our Foudner shared htis exceprt of one of the projects he personally backed  We had to edit out the actual link to the images which is owned by our Founder--but we hope all enjoy the time lapse video and how one man can make a difference:

Ai Weiwei's Tree at the RA

Hello Mike 

Thank you so much for supporting the Royal Academy’s first Kickstarter ever project. Thanks to you, we have been able to bring Ai Weiwei’s Treeto London for the public to enjoy.

Your digital images, exclusive to our Kickstarter campaign, are now ready for download

Tree is free to be enjoyed by visitors until 13 December in the RA’s Annenberg Courtyard. Watch a time-lapse of the installation and find your name in our list of 1,319 supporters.

It was also of curious interest as we saw a report that Lego refused contributions to another of his projects becuase it was deemed "political".

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