Notations on Our World: An #Outsider Newsflash On the Latest in the Middle East

A Palestinian man holds a knife
Palestinians Protesting in Gaza (Source: The Guardian of London/AFP) 

The UN Secretary General has made a surprise visit to Israel to try and calm the violence that seems to have no end in sight.   Israel has authorized shoot-to-kill orders as Palestinians continue the demonstrations.   In the meantime, the blame game is continuing as Israel's Prime Minister came out and noted how it is all the Palestinian's fault even though Israel is the occupying power.

As Israel and Palestine continue their defacto war, there is Egypt.   We have been monitoring the situation in Egypt as Egpytians have gone to the Poll for the long-delayed Parliamentary Elections.   There is no oppostion and the turn-around is evident.   The Prime Minister gave civil servants time off so that turnout can increase.      We're also assessing Libya as the much heralded peace plan has fallen apart.     The Yemen Inferno continues to burn ever more as the Saudi-Led Coailition continues its' relentless bombing campaign while the controvesy over the hajj stampede continues as unofficial figures complied by the Associated Press recently noted over 2100 had perished.  Iran had the highest with over 400.

We have also been assessing Syria.   We found it a welcome development that US and Russia signed a memorandum of understanding on conduct over Syrian Airspace.    Forces of Bashar Assad have been advancing on Aleppo to help secure vital strategic areas with Russian Support.  As we went to press, though, we received reports of Russian Soldiers being killed on the battle field.  This is as at least one more Senior Iranian General had also died on the front.    

There seems to be no end in sight to any of the wars in the Middle East--which is shown as the flow of migrats to Europe continues.   The number of refugees arriving by sea to Greece has hit over 500,000 alone.   Such faces are becoming too common especially as we saw live reports on the situation in Slovenia and Austria:  

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