Notations On Our World: On the "Virtual Prowl" of the US Political Scene (Updated)

The US Republican candidates have their latest debate in Boulder in a few hours.   Our founder shared interesting take as the debate draws close:

The RealClear Politics average which our team reviews weekly underscores the continued volality of the campaign:

Battle for the White HouseRCP Poll Averages
NationalIowaNew Hampshire
Trump26.8Trending DownCarson29.2Trump29.5
Carson22.0Trending UpTrump20.6Carson14.0
Rubio9.0Trending DownRubio10.2Bush9.0
Bush7.0Trending DownCruz9.6Rubio8.3
Cruz6.6Trending DownBush6.2Fiorina7.8
NationalIowaNew Hampshire
Clinton48.2Clinton54.4Trending UpSanders39.2
Sanders25.4Sanders34.4Trending DownClinton36.8
Biden17.0O'Malley3.4Trending UpBiden12.0
General Election Match-Ups

Ben Carson has moved ahead even though Trump continues to maintain the edge Nationally.    Our team finds it quite interesting how Fiorina has faded away after a surge after the second debate and as Cruz continues to linger in the bottom.   We could also not help but ask as we assessed the campaign as to why the 9 candidates lingering at the bottom continue onward with their campaign:

The Nine Losers Running for President

An Email came out under Mrs. Jindal's name on Bobby Jindal's campaign as John Kasich came out swinging yesterday.  It will be interesting to see what happens tonight    as we are assessing reports of Jeb Bush "taking it to Donald Trump" with this latest fundraising note in an outreach to supporters earlier today:

Jeb 2016!

Millions of Americans will tune in for tonight’s debate, and it would mean a lot to me to know you’re at home cheering me on.

Before I walk on stage to share my ideas with the country to upend Washington and take the fight to ISIS, my staff will be pulling the names of who stepped up to help before the biggest debate yet, and I want to see your name.

This is a big night, so please join the team. Chip in just $1 to our Debate Response Fund now: Jeb2016.com/Debate-Response-Fund/

Thank you,


There was a meeting of the "Bush Network" in Houston that apparently saw nervous suppoters feel assured of the path ahead as the Super Pac (run by Mike Murphy) is gearing up to spend millions.    This is as he noted recently that he could do a lot of "Cool Stuff".

Beyond the Presidential race, there is Congress.      Paul Ryan is expected to be elected Speaker tomorrow--as there is a new budget deal has been negotatated so that the outgoing Speaker wanted to "clear the barn".   Paul Ryan spoke earlier today praising John Boehner as he promised a "new era".      Reports we reviewed noted that only 200 members voted for Paul Ryan--but he will be expected to garner enough votes.

(Update:  The "Kids Table" concluded on CNBC within the past hour.    They joined CNBC to share their "Spin" as a number of their claims were debunked--including Bobby Jindal.      The top tier Candidates are about to get on the stage as the latest development is Ted Cruz about to have a "Big Bang" plan with a Wall Street Editorial (the standard choice for the Republican Party) as this came out earlier:

Cruz For President

Dear GOPUSA Friend,
'Defeat Ted Cruz'
..that's the battle cry of the liberal left, the elite media, and even some in my own party.

Friend, this is personal.

As you may already know, the GOP debate on CNBC is tonight...and the attacks are already beginning -- the liberal, former pop star, Cher called me the 'devil.'

That is just the start.

Immediately after the GOP debate it will get worse. The elite media, left wing pundits, politicians, and the leftist blogosphere are planning their full on assault against me and my campaign.

Even a few of the more liberal talking heads within the GOP are planning to attack.

Let me tell you why: My debate plan will lay out a forceful and hard-hitting defense of American conservatism and how as President I will restore the American Dream. I will make it clear that Barack Obama has been a failure -- he put our national security and financial security at great risk.

I will further make the forceful case that Hillary Clinton will be a disaster as President and will further risk the future of our nation.

And Friend, I will also make it clear that the current path of the GOP in Washington -- the elite members of the Washington Cartel -- will lead us to defeat.

After I make this forceful case to millions of American -- the backlash is going to be brutal.

Friend, I am going to need your support in the next 48 hours more than ever.

I wish I didn't have to ask again... but will you make a special contribution of $35 or as much as $100 to help me and my campaign prepare for the onslaught we're about to endure?

I've asked my staff to prepare this special, secure link just for you: take just TWO minutes to click and make a special donation.

Make no mistake -- when I lay out my plan to restore the American Dream, indict Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for their failures, and call out my own party for its failures as well...things will get rough on all sides.

The New York Times will ATTACK.


The Washington Post will ATTACK

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Bernie Sanders, Rachel Maddow, and James Carville will ALL ATTACK.

When all this happens and times get tough -- you turn to your friends.Friend, that is why I'm turning to you now.

Your donation of any size will be used 100% to fight the attacks and make sure our positive message of reigniting liberty in America is not lost in the angry, liberal noise.

For liberty,

Ted Cruz

What was quite striking was how the largest newspaper in Florida came  out calling
on Marco Rubio to resign from the US Senate which will not look well for someone
who some say is the next "Obama".  

As the debate starts and the debaters are being announced , this came out from the Demoractic Governors Association:
We’re turning on the debate and sitting down with our popcorn, Mike. But before all those Republicans take the stage yet again, we just wanted to know: Who do YOU think is going to come out on top?
Attacking women’s rights? Check.
New tax breaks for the top 1%? Check.
Dismantling Medicare and Social Security? Check.
We already know we’re about to sit through more of the same extremism we’ve seen all along. But amid the din of this right-wing circus, we want to hear from you.
GOP Debate Survey: Who do you predict will be the Republican nominee?
Which of these candidates will be the nominee?
Thanks for standing with us to make sure none of these clowns become our next President...

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