Notations On Our World : On US Election Scene (On the Eve of the Democratic Debate)

The Democratic Debate is less than 18 hours away.    The candidates have been making the rounds. Bernie Sanders was on Meet the Press to discuss his views.   Hillary Clinton was on BuzzFeed which was given prominence on MSNBC.    The Wynn Hotel is gearing up in a major way for th big day tomorrow.

What was interesting was President Obama's interview on 60 Minutes last minute.   Steve Kroft was combative and tough--which was surprising for a so-called "Liberal Media" in how it took President Obama to task over a number of profound setbacks in the Middle East.   This is especially as Afghanistan continues to be in a state of total chaos.   27 out of the 34 provinces in Afghanistan are in trouble.

The Republicans have been on the prowl as well.    Republican candidates appeared at No Labels to tout their own view.   It was interesting as the so-called "outsiders" continue to hold their own including Dr. Carsons.     Some of Dr. Carson's more interesting comments were featured on a clip courtesy of the Guardian of London: 

A number of the 2nd Tier candidates are continuing their efforts as well.   Governor Christie was at No Labels as Governor Jindhal uneviled his tax proposal:  
Governor Jindal unveiled his tax reform plan to rave reviews from leading conservatives.
This week, Governor Jindal unveiled his tax reform plan to rave reviews from leading conservatives.

As is usually the case with sound conservative policy, liberal bloggers you’ve never heard of absolutely hated the Governor’s plan.

Governor Jindal’s plan is based on core conservative principles:
  1. Cutting the tax code down to just three simple brackets;

  2. Leveling the playing field so big corporations with lobbyists and lawyers can no longer get special deals that the rest of us can’t;

  3. And making sure that every American pays something into our system, so every American is invested in the government spending our tax dollars wisely.

The genius of America is that hard work and ingenuity are rewarded and enable people to succeed and make their own way in life. Independence, not dependence, is the root of the American Dream. It’s time we had the guts to say so in public.

Read the full Jindal tax plan here and tell us what you think:https://www.bobbyjindal.com/tax/

Have a great weekend,

Gail Gitcho
Senior Advisor, Jindal for President

A fundarising call to action came out under Chelsea came out as well as outlined below: 

Can you help my mom?
Mike --

My mom is my hero. From helping cut the uninsured rate for children in half as First Lady to later becoming the first female senator from New York and then running for president, she's kept fighting for families -- while also being a great mom.

I hope my daughter grows up to be as proud of me as I am of my mom.

That she's remained committed to making life better for women and children while being attacked by the other side for more than two decades is incredible and inspiring. I'm proud to stand with her in everything she does.

Tuesday is the first debate of the Democratic primary, where my mom will continue talking about her plans and ideas to make life better for American families. Here’s one way to let her know you have her back before the big day:Chip in $8 or more to stand with her and become a Debate Donor.

It's going to take a campaign as strong as my mom is to fight back against everything the other side is throwing at her, and to help us become the country we want to be. I can't tell you how much she'll appreciate your support at this critical moment. 

Thank you,


 This is as the Office of the Speaker continues to be a challenge for the GOP.

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