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As the new week begins,  The United States awaits the results of the House GOP deliberation on how the next speaker of the US House of Representatives will be to replace John Boehner.   It has been quite a week as Republicans are trying to convince Congressman Paul Ryan to unify the GOP Caucus. The appearance by Congressman Dave Brat on NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday was quite telling underscoring the drift--not withstanding what Congressman Brat tried to note.

Our team was researching some of the discourse which began with this article in the New York Times titled, "Anarchy in the house".    We have noted excerpts of it here for reference as the full article is available by clicking on this exceprt: 

REPUBLICANS aren’t big fans of Karl Marx, but perhaps they should ponder his observation that history repeats itself first as tragedy, then as farce. As preposterous presidential candidates dominate the polls and extremists topple congressional leaders, the Republican Party is headed for a replay of the catastrophic Goldwater revolt of the early 1960s. It may be an entertaining spectacle, but it’s dangerous.
The Republican Party has long been divided into comparatively moderate and conservative factions, but historically the conservatives were realists, too. Senator Robert Taft of Ohio, the great conservative leader of the mid-20th century, understood that his side had to make incremental steps toward its goals. It had to devise detailed policy alternatives to Democratic proposals, work with party leadership and build coalitions both within the party and across party lines.

What was also very telling was what +The Guardian noted in a "make belief" Craig's List as Congressman Kevin McCarthy withdrew--and what was quite distatesful was the campaign against him that was led by a number of GOP operatives and given voice by Congressman Walter Jones: 

HELP WANTED IMMEDIATE OPENING - SPEAKER, US House of Representatives (Washington, DC)

One-time historic opportunity to lead an entire house of Congress


• Full-time salary and benefits for extremely part-time work in gorgeous National Capitol
• Gluttony for punishment and lackluster organizational skills a must
• Confidence on camera a plus
• And for the Love of God know when to shut the hell up on Hannity.
• Successful applicant will have serious fundraising chops and a credible haircut.
• Are YOU a self-starter with at least 5 years’ experience teaching kindergarten, domestic obedience school, encyclopedia salesmanship or equal?
• Do YOU like meetings, talking on the phone, dull inactivity and golf?
• Are YOU from a state?


• The US Congress is currently accepting applications for a 62nd speaker of the House, responsible for crafting legislative strategy, humoring bug-eyed colleagues and decrying Washington gridlock while keeping things nice for the boys who write the checks.
• although that probably won’t happen.
• but you will get to golf with him
• Must be able to pretend fake deal with the president that fell through – that was on purpose
• (required) pulse
• (preferred) current member of House of Representatives
• (clincher) Republican
• Salary $223,500
• Oil painting of you
• Box seats for pope
• Occasional overnight work but there’s pizza
• Apply promptly – open until filled. And possibly longer 
The "comic" nature of it underscored how the World is watching as the World is truly on Fire right now The true reality, though, was outlined by the ever perceptive Geoff Colvin of Fortune (Not exactly a DC "talking head" as deemed by Congressman Dave Brat) about the true state of leadership paralysis that continues to be evident right now as a new week dawns:            

Leadership meltdowns are suddenly everywhere, and I confess I can’t take my eyes off them. Like car crashes and reality TV, they’re not necessarily edifying, but they’re hard to resist. So let’s see if we can find at least a little to learn from this morning’s Leadership Hall of Shame:
-“Chaos” is the word of the day, used by virtually every media outlet to describe House Republicans’ situation. Representative Kevin McCarthy—whom I unaccountably called “Murphy” yesterday, for which a thousand apologies—dropped out of the race to succeed Speaker John Boehner, in which he was the favorite. “We need a fresh face,” he said, which is Washington code for “I don’t have the votes.” All eyes now turn to Paul Ryan, who could apparently win but resolutely does not want the job. The leadership failure here is not individual but party-wide—this party wants to win the White House next year but is digging itself into a deepening hole. As longtime New York representative Peter King told the New York Times, “We have to end this. We look absolutely crazy.”

As Congressman Mark Meadows, one of the "insurgents", talked about process and professed his backing of Paul Ryan, the Democrats sent out a "prebuttal" earlier as well that documents the objections: 

This is a long email. But please stay with us, because this is important.

The news is saying Paul Ryan could unite the Republican Party.

But here’s what the news is forgetting: Ryan has a radical, anti-senior, anti-middle class track record.

A Paul Ryan speakership would be a DISASTER for President Obama’s agenda.

ADD YOUR NAME to our petition denouncing the Paul Ryan for Speaker campaign.

We can’t forget the truth about what Paul Ryan stands for.

FACT: Paul Ryan fought for the largest tax cut IN HISTORY for the wealthy

Paul Ryan would cut taxes for the richest 1% of Americans IN HALF. To offset this massive tax break, three quarters of Americans would see their taxes increase.

FACT: Paul Ryan wants to end guaranteed Medicare

Paul Ryan would abolish Medicare as we know it. Instead, Ryan would turn Medicare into a voucher program, which would drastically increase health costs for seniors.

FACT: Paul Ryan would eviscerate Social Security

Paul Ryan wants enormous cuts to Social Security benefits -- by 2080, Social Security benefits would be slashed by 28%. This could drastically increase poverty among senior citizens.

If Ryan becomes speaker, President Obama will face unprecedented barriers as he fights for the middle class. It’s a worst-case scenario.

Help us hit 1OO,OOO grassroots Democrats denouncing Paul Ryan as Speaker >>

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What is clear is this:  It will be an interesting week.   
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