Notations From the Grid: On the aftermath of the CNN #DemDebate

As our team has launched the transformation of #outsiders,  our work to reflect upon the challenges of our World continues.    The CNN #DemDebate is now history.

The opening statements were quite interesting.   Anderson Cooper was quite tough on all five candidates calling them to task on issues on trust and their records as he began.      There has been a wide array of reporting and some of them we released earlier in our Twitter Feed (@DailyOutsider).  What we felt was quite poignant was the leading Nevada Political Analyst Jon Ralston that our founder released to his personal twitter feed: 

The +National Rifle Association was also "on the job" with its' view as Senator Sanders was taken to task on his vote on Guns by Hillary Clinton:  

This was as Donald Trump was also "Tweeting" and one of his comments was classic Trump: 

Interesting times....

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