Notations On Our World: Witness to Democracy in Action

 It is quite exciting to be witness to Democracy throughout the World.  The United States will be subject to it as Republican candidates will take the stage at the Ronald Reagan Library to debate.     Donald Trump continues to be on top of polls as he gets ready to take the stage with his fellow candidates.    Bill Maher was in his element as he went after #Trump & the Media in a major way on the eve of his speech at the USS Iowa Museum in Long Beach California yesterday: 

Governor Jindal Wrote a scathing editorial on Mr. Trump as  Vice President Biden came out swinging comparing the entire Republican Field to the Know-Nothing Party.    We also wanted to report on the view from SarahPac as well:

Dear Friend,
Tonight from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, fifteen candidates for President of the United States will meet to debate foreign policy. With ISIS on the rise, Putin’s Russia thumbing its nose at rest of the world and President Obama capitulating to Iran, we need a strong leader who can take on our adversaries across the globe.
Of the many incredible candidates for the Republican nomination, there will no doubt be a strong conservative leader who’ll emerge and beat Hillary Clinton in 2016.
At SarahPAC, we realize that in order for a bold new Republican president to make a real difference in Washington, they’ll need fellow conservative allies in Congress. That is why we have endorsed 43 amazing men and women who won’t fall in line with the good ole boy system that’s taken a hold of our federal government.
Together, by supporting these candidates, we know that we will be build a strong future for America. 
Not Authorized By Any Candidate or Candidate's Committee

Beyond the shores of the United States, change has also been in the air in the United Kingdom as the new Labor Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, had his first Prime Minister's Question Time shared this "highlights" which we are pleased to report on here: 

We found it quite startling how some 40,000 questions were sent to Jeremy Corbyn.      It will be quite interesting to see how Jeremy Corbyn performs in the ensuing weeks and months.

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