Notations On Our World (Week-End Edition): On #Canada

There is a major election going on in Canada.   Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister, called for an election and so far is struggling in the polls.    The latest debate was held and the Official Opposition, the NDP,  sent out this update below.  What is also interesting was how they were also relentless in how they have been after the Liberal Leader, Justin Trudeau, who has been leading a resurrection of the former Governing Party in Canada.

This is one interesting election to observe:

If Justin Trudeau is at risk of losing his own seat, how can he possibly defeat Stephen Harper on October 19th? //
Eleven points. 
According to the polls, that’s how much Justin Trudeau is down by – in his own riding. Papineau, Quebec used to be a safe Liberal seat, but the tides are turning.
Despite his high profile as the Liberal Leader, our NDP candidate, Anne Lagacé Dowson, is polling eleven points up on Justin Trudeau.
That’s not a coincidence.
Anne is an accomplished journalist, working for over 20 years at CBC/Radio-Canada. She is well respected in her community and formerly the head of a non-profit organization dedicated to ending bullying and discrimination.
And she knows Tom Mulcair is the only leader with the plan and the experience to bring change to Ottawa.
Because if Justin Trudeau is at risk of losing his own seat, how can he possibly defeat Stephen Harper on October 19th?
Tom Mulcair is ready to get Canada on track. He proved it last night in the debate, and now it’s up to us to keep this campaign going strong into the final stretch.
This is a snapshot of the coverage the NDP Leader received as the election draws near in Canada: 

The Latest: Watch. Read. Spread the word.
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2-MINUTE WATCH: Watch the debate highlights. Tom proves he’s the only leader who’s ready to make the economy work for families. https://www.facebook.com/TomMulcair/videos/vb.149331805154700/887289088025631/
3-MINUTE READ: A message from Tom: Our balanced fiscal plan. “Leadership is about choices. I will deliver on my commitments with a balanced approach.” – Tom Mulcair http://www.ndp.ca/a-message-from-tom-our-balanced-plan
IN THE NEWS: “Mulcair bossed the debate” – John Ivison. Tom Mulcair won Thursday’s election debate … has now become the main challenger to Harper’s crown. http://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/john-ivison-a-little-angry-tom-goes-a-long-way-as-mulcair-outpoints-rivals
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