Notations On Our World (Special Edition) : @POTUS & @JZarif shake hands :-) :-)

As our team was working on its' daily assessments of the UN General Assembly, the Clinton Global Initiative and all the latest on the US Political Front with the latest on Planned Parenthood gearing up for the  4th Quarter, we jumped with joy at this scene:

For those who do not know the players, it is the President of the United States shaking the hands of the Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif as the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon looked on.    Although the image apparently was "doctored" based on reports we've seen, the  handshake by Dr. Zarif caused some deep controversy in Iran.     Our founder made it a point of sending a "Bravo" Tweet" out on this as he also rebuked the Iranian Parliament member who raised objections on his Instagram account.  

It is a challenging world as we enter a new quarter begins.

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