Notations On Our World: On the Virtual Road w/the Holy Father & Other Thoughts

As we went to press this morning, The Holy Father is at the United Nations addressing the UN General Assembly after having met with the UN Staff.    He is reminding us all of the realities of the World today as we have been witness to the painful realities in Syria, Iraq and Libya.    This is as the Holy Father spoke up for the Iran Deal.    The Holy Father reminded us of the selfless need for service and that brothers have to stand by each other.     The Holy Father is leaving the UN on his way to the 9/11 Memorial (An Update: The Holy Father is at the Interfaith Memorial Service as all major faiths (Jewish, Islam, Buddhist, Hindus et. al) are represented--it is such a  beautiful scene to be witness to).  

This weekend is also the weekend that the UN launches the Sustainable development goals today which we briefly alluded to and will be discussing it at length in our Visions Channel.    The "Mural" we have noted is available on the UN Sustainable Development Goal Website that depicts 17 of the major goals:

We are also receiving shocking news of an expansion of the FIFA probe.    Fifa President Sepp Blatter and UEFA President Platini have been apparently implicated in the Swiss Corruption Probe of FIFA.   We also are assessing the news of the US Speaker of the House of Representatives resigning his office and his seat in Congress at the end of October as he was trying to stave off a revolt by the more conservative members.        

Quite a morning......

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