Notations On Our World: On the US Political Front

Our team has been assessing the aftermath of the US House Speaker's Resignation.   This is just one indication of it which the Heritage's Daily Signal reported on yesterday:

Mark Levin on John Boehner's Resignation: 'It's a Good Day, but Here's the Problem…'

"I don't mean to be offensive, but Kevin McCarthy? Really?"

It was quite shocking as we saw this as well from one of the other conservative newsletters earlier this morning as we went to press: 

Let Obama Shut It Down and Own It

Establishment types believe that just as we are finally poised to recapture the White House, crazy tea party extremists are about to mess everything up because voters would blame and punish the GOP in 2016 for a shutdown. But they always tell us to wait until the next election. When we didn't control the House, they told us to wait until we did. Same with the Senate. Now they say we have to wait until Jeb Bush is president.

For folks who may not know who David Limbaugh is, he is the younger brother of the conservative talkshow host Rush Limbaugh.   Reports we reviewed noted that the last time Government shut down it cost the United States 24 Billion Dollars.    The outgoing speaker has said that there will be no shutdown--but the fight looms.

Kevin McCarthy has announced his candidacy to replace John Boehner when the Speaker's resignation becomes effective October 30.    We have seen reports that the Government Shutdown will be highly unlikely as potentially other issues might also be brought up for a vote which can pass with Democractic Support in the House     The so-called "Freedom Caucus" continues to be restless and the so called "Principled conservatives" continue to agittate.    There is also a race for the other leadership positions that is also beginning to take shape including Tom Price who is running for Majority Leader.

We must note that Presidential candidates have been quite busy as well.   Donald Trump came out with his tax plan as others continue to "pound the pavement" for money and votes. What continues to be fascinating is how the so-called "outsiders" continue to dominate the polls and how the establishment candidates continue to "lag".    The latest polls show Marco Rubio being ahead of his mentor, Jeb Bush!!!!   What we have also found quite fascinating is how the restlessness  and anger of the so-called "Conservatives" is amazing as they continue to agitate for their Social Agenda regarding Planned Parenthood.    

 It will be quite a few weeks as we look to a very busy October.     

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