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The Cruz/Tea Party Patriot Rally against the Iran Deal was one of the highlights.  It featured Glenn Beck, Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin along with Ted Cruz and the headliner:  Donald Trump.   Our team's assessment was simply this:  great entertainment. This rally occurred as  the Iran deal is done with 42 US Senators supporting the deal.    The debate will continue to be robust.    

The House leadership decided to not put the Resolution to disapprove sponsored by Congressman Ed Royce of California to a vote--and to instead put up 3 separate resolutions.    Some in the pundit class noted that this is a prelude to another lawsuit that the House may initiate against the President.     It must be noted that there is another lawsuit already that Professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington Law School is Lead Counsel and he reflected upon a major development in his blog earlier yesterday:


by jonathanturley
800px-Capitol_Building_Full_ViewThe House’s entire legal team would like, first and foremost, to express its gratitude and respect for Judge Rosemary Collyer in issuing this historic and profound decision. The opinion is attached below.
The contention by the Conservatives in the House is that the President has not in fact presented the information and hence the trigger for the 60-day review period has not even begun.   The key date is September 17 and if the Congress does not act by then, the President is authorized to remove sanctions.     The US Congress is also slated to vote on the Federal Budget since the Fiscal Year will begin October 1.

In the meantime, the Presidential Candidates have been hard at work.   Mike Huckabee took up the cause of the jailed Kentucky County Clerk who defied A US Supreme Court order and was sent to jail by a Federal District Judge.   Ted Cruz tried to "crash" the party in Kentucky before rushing back to Washington to officiate at the Tea Party Event along with Donald Trump.    Donald Trump continued his "Trumpism" as he criticized the looks of Carly Fiorinia who hit back .    Jeb Bush was on Stephen Colbert.   Other candidates continued to criss-cross the Country and hit the political talk show circuit--including Martin O'Malley of the Democrats on Bloomberg and Jim Gillmore on All In With Chris Hayes.   Ben Carson was in our home county of Orange County speaking at the Anaheim Convention Center.   All the polls have Donald Trump and Ben Carson at the top and everyone else on the Republican Field is at 6 percent or below.   Our team was startled as we reviewed this from the National Review on one of the former stars, Governor Walker:

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 5.29.47 AM.png
Scott Walker has long been a favorite for the GOP nomination in 2016, but since he announced his candidacy, things haven't gone nearly as well as expected.
National Review's Rich Lowry and Eliana Johnson write in an in-depth piece today on Walker's implosion - and what he can do to salvage his chances for 2016.
…Some formerly admiring political insiders describe his campaign as "dreadful" and "completely unworthy of Scott Walker," and wonder if he can recover.
What happened? Unaffiliated political strategists, operatives from rival campaigns, and Walker allies - almost all of whom requested anonymity to speak frankly - describe a number of challenges and mistakes.


As we went to press, The Daily Update here reflected the reporting courtesy of Fortune that the Fed will balk at raising interest rates because of the carnage in the markets and the uncertainty in China that our team has been reporting on daily during our daily "Twitter Roundup".   

Not withstanding the rhetoric of the candidates, what happens beyond the shores of the United States matters       The war in Yemen is continuing with no clear end in sight as Egypt announced a contingent of 800 Soldiers will be deployed.   Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE have soldiers on the ground already as the war seems to see no end.   Syria is also just as challenging as ever especially as the Russians have begun a major deployment.  

It is ever so a challenging World.....
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