Notations On Our World: On the US Political Scene

The US Presidential Campaign season is in full swing and our team has been on a continued assessment of the state of the United States.    It is still a bit early--but the US polling-industrial complex has been hard at work and a day does not pass by with one poll or another anointing winners or losers.   This is as the rhetoric continues to be ever so heated especially as the Iran Deal continues to come up for Vote in Congress on September 17.   Donald Trump and Ted Cruz will be teaming up for a rally to oppose what they deem is a bad deal.    Our team found The Economist' KAL depiction of  the State of the Presidential Campaign in the United States to be sobering but also hilarious at the same time:

It is Labor Day in the United States.    President Obama spoke at an event in Boston and all candidates are attending labor day events.   Vice President Biden is in Pennsylvania at an event with the AFL-CIO as speculation over his potential candidacy mounts and as Donald Trump continues to mount a serious challenge which was underscored with this on Time Magazine not so along ago.    Mr. Trump has continued to dominate the headlines ever more. 

It is also quite remarkable how Donald Trump and Jeb Bush have been going at it.    Bush's main contention has been that Trump is not "Conservative Enough" and does not believe in Conservative principles.  It will quite interesting to see how Jeb deals with Stephen Colbert as his new show debuts on CBS on September 8.     Jeb used the appearance as a fundraising tool--but apparently did not bother to let Mr Colbert who used the occasion to mock Jeb Bush with a fundraiser to support the Yellow Ribbon Fund supporting veterans.     What is clear is that Trump will not go away--although he did sign a pledge that the Republican National Committee requested from all the candidates.   

Our team was in full agreement with the Fortune's Geoff Colvin when he noted in his September 1 Power sheet on Leaders that, "...America's love affair with non-politician politicians is looking like more than just a fling, and the trend is important for all leaders..."    It is also interesting how those who were considered the favorites are being questioned constantly.   We could not help but be amused though at Sarah Palin as she noted that all should speak "American"--a clear shot at Jeb Bush.

As we went to press, we did not receive reports on any candidate officially dropping out.   We have received reports that former Governor Perry of Texas has profound challenges and has lost a number of key staff members.    This is as he along with others continue to be in the single digits in the existing polls being done almost daily now.    One has to look long and hard to find what the likes of Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Bobby Jindal or others are up to unless they happen to say something to catch a headline--such as their support for the jailed Kentucky County Clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

The Democrats, though, are continuing onward.   Hillary Clinton attempted a reset with a very revealing interview with Andrea Mitchell.   It appears that the email controversy is finally starting to sink in.    This is as the Democrats are continuing onward with their  ongoing internal debate especially as the speculation over a Biden candidacy mounts.  Bernie Sanders is leading Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire by some 9 points in one of the latest polls we reviewed.    Our team will continue to be on the "prowl" assessing the US election scene especially as excitement mounts for the 2nd Presidential Debate for the Republicans coming up on September 16 on CNN. 

As we went to press, we just received reports here at our Virtual Studios  that Lawrence Lessig has just announced his run for the Presidency after having One Million Dollar in Pledges in a crowdfunding campaign that exceeded One Million Dollars by Labor Day--which is today.    We were also quite startled to see a reports on One America News about a pending revolt against the Speaker of the House.     This is as Congress is back to work--Our team's assessment is that the Speakership of Mr. Boehner is not in danger.   It appears that what we deem the "deep conservatives" seem to not agree with the Speaker's stance on a number of issues.     

We find it ever so fun and exciting to be witness to history.... 

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